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I can so relate to your Cure goals... On the outside, we have a pretty spare 1200-foot midcentury modern house. But, with 3 boys aged 8, 10, and 12, I really can't figure out how to keep it tidy, other than daily collection and closet-stashing runs. My organization system generally consists of slanting stacks of similarly-shaped items at the end of the dining room table, neatly labeled and stapled Whole Foods paper bags of random stuff stashed in my closet on top of a once-neatly-arranged pile of an appalling but thrilling number of thrifted, funky shoes, and a giant box under my bed labeled "Goodwill"...

Once a month or so, I go through the 3 or 4 bags chronically residing in my closet and try to return stuff to its "home", but more often than not, I'm not sure where that would even be...Binoculars, several pens and markers, a mini-screwdriver, harmonica, stray beads, craft projects/supplies, Tiger Balm, a musical superball, 3 prong outlet converter, seasonal decorations to put in storage (need ladder), a birdcall, a Watt-meter, some crystals and geodes, and a stray mitten are some of the things labeled in one bag.

When one person is responsible for keeping tidy the belongings of 4 other people, it is really hard to design a working system, and even harder to get buy-in from other family members to adhere to whatever system you come up with....I feel your pain...Let's do this!

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