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The January Cure has certainly helped me with cluttter. I also feel that the media fast was the best activity to keep me on track. We continue the fast in a modified fashion (6-8 every night) and in those two hours my family accomplishes so much - homework, reading time, cleaning time. Thanks!

Final Stretch: The 60 Minute Quick Clean The January Cure Assignment #20
1/30/14 08:13 AM

For such a small space this task is surprisingly more time consuming than the floors! Only 1/2 way done on this first day...bottom cabinets tomorrow as well as fridge, freezer, credenza organization and floors. I did use some of the tips found in the helpful hints area (boiling water on the stove, vegetable oil to get the gunky dust off before cleaning hood, etc). They worked like a charm! Here is to tomorrow and being able to check this off my list!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/11/14 08:14 PM

After cleaning the floors I realized how beat up my baseboards look from the wear and tear of two boys. Tackling repainting them to restore their crisp white in our downstairs. Doors too!

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 09:13 AM

Cleaned my office and hallway floors last night. Today will tackle my bedroom, bathrooms, downstairs, and stairs...tomorrow the kids room - clutter galore!

I clean my floors weekly but this assignment is to move things around and clean under them. Can't tell you the last time I moved my bed and dressers away from the walls and cleaned under them, removed my rug from living room and cleaned wood floors under it, etc.
If there is a cleaning lady that does all of that moving sign me up :) Some physical labor this weekend, but know at the end of the weekend I will feel like a million bucks and my house will be on its way to looking like a million!

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/4/14 09:30 AM