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Uh, does anybody else not -need- to get new flowers yet? Because mine are still going strong. Granted, I did buy them a couple of days late because it seems every flower shop in my neighbourhood is currently closed for renos and I had to find time to walk over to the next suburb to find some... But usually my flowers last at least two weeks, sometimes three. Weekly seems excessive, or do I just get super strength blooms or something?

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/10/14 09:26 AM

Two projects (sort of!) We have a pair of beautiful old deco wardrobes in our bedroom that have this horrid dark dated stain which is scratched and faded. So fiancé and I will be stripping and re staining them, and should be able to at least finish the smaller of them this month.

We also have plans to rearrange the kitchen cabinets and set up a waste and recycling "station" in one of them, but that can just slot into the kitchen organising task this weekend.

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 08:15 PM

I found AT part way through last year's cure, so I followed along with some of it, but this will be my first official cure! It's made me finally sign up for an account as well, rather than just lurking around. I'm in Australia and have just realised that With the time difference I receive the emails a day late (i received Friday's email at 1am Saturday morning) but it shouldn't matter. I'll just do them a day later or follow the calendar and get a head start.

I've been using pretty much nothing but baking soda, vinegar, Castile soap and eucalyptus oil to clean for a long time so I'm already well armed with green cleaners, but I've been meaning to come up with a better toilet cleaner. I've been using my citrus/vinegar all purpose solution but it's not very effective for that purpose. So that will be my main task this weekend. The floors won't be too difficult since we do them regularly, and we recently switched two of our rooms around, so the floor clutter is nil.

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/3/14 09:36 PM