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The problem that I have is that my entry way is so small. It goes right into the living room and I don't have room for much. We end up putting all the mail etc. on the coffee table or the dining room table. Anyone have any tips for me?

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1/14/14 09:11 AM

Guess I'm doing my big project this weekend, because the kitchen was it!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/10/14 09:31 AM

I'm going to re-organize and deep clean the kitchen! We just moved into our house in August and I basically just dumped everything in there. Then, we got married in September, which resulted in a LOT of new kitchen wares, which also just got shoved into places where they fit. The kitchen needs some serious organization and a good deep cleaning. Yay! I'm excited for this!

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1/8/14 11:31 AM

Most of the time I'm a get up and go kind of person. I'll wake early (about an hour or two later than my weekday wake up time) and spend some time eating breakfast/drinking coffee. But, soon, I bore of sitting around so I get moving. I usually clean on the weekends. I hate, hate, hate cleaning during the week, so I do a thorough job on Saturday or Sunday to enjoy through the week. I also like to take my dog on a super long walk, because I usually don't get to do much walking during the week. Then I'll get a workout it. It sounds like a lot, but usually I slip a nap in there too, so I'm still energized for evening activities. I love the weekends!

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1/6/14 01:09 PM

I definitely found this to be true. One big task I had for myself was to clean/organize our big walk in closet -- well, in order to thoroughly clean the floors in there, I first felt compelled to clean up/organize in there this weekend. I was so happy to be able to easily find my clothes and get dressed this morning.

The January Cure
1/6/14 09:03 AM

The best way to clean your oven is to spray down the whole oven with a vinegar/water/lemon mixture (your basic household DIY cleaner is cool) and then sprinkle the whole thing with baking soda. Let it sit for a while, then get a big bucket of hot water and a sponge and start wiping away the muck. It may take a while and a water change, but it will get your oven looking like new.

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1/3/14 10:36 AM