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I did this for a weekend a couple of months ago, and it was lovely! I often just read at night, but I always check phone and texts for my kids' communication.

Unplug for an Evening: Try a Media Fast The January Cure: Assignment # 10
1/15/14 05:15 PM

I have been opening my mail over the recycling container for years! It works! My landing strip is the kitchen counter next to my side door although the coat hooks are a few steps away in the next room (family room). Each family member has his/her own "pile" for personal mail. Magazines go right to their spot (either in the bathroom basket or next to the recliner). Catalogs mostly get thrown out these days unless there's something in particular I'm looking for. Bills and checks go to the computer area for input. It doesn't take long at all to do this. My only problem is that our mail is delivered EXTREMELY LATE, sometimes as late as 6 PM. I'm cooking by then and have no time for paperwork. I've taken to leaving it out in the mailbox till the next morning because I just don't want to deal with it at night!

The Clutter Filter: Create a Landing Strip January Cure: Assignment 9
1/14/14 07:32 PM

Ugh, I hate entertaining. But it looks like we may be hosting a Superbowl party this year if CBS and Optimum continue their feud and our new digital antenna turns out to work correctly.

Keep Yourself on Track: Get a
Get-Together Together
January Cure: Assignment # 8

1/13/14 12:17 PM

This one is all taken care of! My husband is a wonderful photographer, and we have many of his pieces framed throughout the house. Of course, there's always room for more ... so I will check to see if there are any he'd like to replace with something more recent.

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/9/14 09:33 AM

My project will not necessarily be visible -- except in our bank statement -- but it's one that my husband and I have been talking about for a long time: cutting the cable! We finally made the first step and ordered a digital antenna, which he will install when it arrives next week. If it works with the TV upstairs, he'll run a cable to the TV downstairs as well, and then we will begin the experiment. Not sure this will all be done in a month, but it should be close.

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/9/14 08:44 AM

I have an out basket on my kitchen counter. It's been there about a week now, so it's time to decide the fate of its contents. However, that will depend on my husband's attachment as well. But at least it's not a refrigerator!

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/7/14 09:32 AM

Fortunately, I just did a thorough cleaning (including all floors) on New Year's Eve! Our poinsettias are still doing well and will add plenty of color to drab January! When I get to the supermarket Sunday, I will pick up a bunch of fresh flowers as well. As for cleaners ... we always have large-size refills from Costco in our basement storage area. Not sure how "green" they are, but it would be too expensive to replace them all, so that's what I will continue to use. Today's task: take down the Christmas decorations. Once that's done, I can put up the snowmen (my January decor).

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/3/14 09:48 AM