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You can also hang a lovely chandelier that holds real candles.


No Overhead Lighting in the Dining Room? Hang a Mobile! Dining Room Inspiration
7/16/14 07:25 AM

Rather than focusing on how small and low it is...make it a design feature by making it longer...perhaps going up the whole wall. Take off the last three pieces of molding and hang a framed or unframed chalkboard three or four times its length with a little lip at the bottom to hold chalk and an eraser. It's not something you need to access everyday. Just make the chalkboard removeable for those few times a year you need to get in there.

Best Way to Disguise Ugly Kitchen Electric Panel? Good Questions
4/8/14 08:48 AM

It's a long list. Yikes!

Living Room
-outlet covers
-fireplace fix

Dining Room
-twin China cabinets
-clean out secretary
-Paint secretary
-Paint walls

-clean out cubbies
-junk drawer
-Clear out breakfast nook

Powder Room
-scrape flaking paint

Master Bedroom
-finish painting trim
-organize closets

Master bath
-organizers under vanity
-Paint walls
-wall tile

Laundry/Excercise Room
-clean out
-repair walls
-Paint walls
-paint trim

Daughter#1's room
-hang curtains
-empty extraneous stuff

The First Step: Create a Project List The January Cure: Assignment #1
1/3/14 09:08 AM