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What a show house! And yet, it looks like someone with a lot of personality lives there. Bravo to both the designer and the owner.

An Empty Nester's Well-Deserved Renovation Professional Project
7/20/14 08:59 AM

Canadian Mango, a raccoon could move a 25lb tile. They are also very clever. I doubt a possum is your guest, but a raccoon certainly could be.

How to Cultivate a Wildlife Habitat in Your Outdoor Area Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/13/14 06:09 PM

Lucky you! What a great find and great inexpensive update.

Before & After: Rebecca's Awesome Affordable Airstream Makeover
7/13/14 06:03 PM


Before & After: An Upholstered Stool Gets Stylish with Hand-Stamped Fabric
7/6/14 04:44 PM

First choice: Teal of medium intensity, especially if you are a little on the adventurous side. Second choice: sage or lichen, in medium intensity, if you are a little more conservative. This goes for both the door and the shutter. You could power wash the bricks and see if they are so dark because of years of dirt accumulation and see if a lighter color brick makes your decision any easier.

Very cute house. The cream trim is nice with the mortar and the roof.

Paint Color Ideas for Shutters? Good Questions
7/2/14 04:18 PM

AT: STEP UP TO THE PLATE. It is totally irresponsible to suggest that your readers sleep with open doors and windows. Tess Wilson is responsible for making this suggestion and AT is IRRESPONSIBLE FOR LETTING THIS STORY BE PUBLISHED.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 05:48 PM

I made my wedding dress on an old treadle machine that my future mother-in-law gave me. This machine had been handed down for a few generations in their family and the gift made me feel so welcome. It made a fine stitch with even tension, easily controlled. My mother-in-law-to-be also said I was welcome to come to their house if I wanted to use her rather fancy electric machine. But I knew where my skills where and the old treadle was perfect. I loved it.

Versatile Vintage: Sewing Machine Tables in Every Room
6/27/14 04:50 PM

What a sweet, sensitive renovation! Shrubs for birds, reuse of materials, doggie digging area...all marvelous. Good on ya!

Laura's Backyard Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
6/24/14 06:01 PM

The renovation looks great. I especially like the tiles.

A New Orleans Mid-City Kitchen Renovation Professional Project
6/21/14 06:00 PM

The branch with the bird house and (I assume) a faux bird are wonderful. Ironic and nicely portioned for the space.

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/17/14 10:15 PM

Thank you, Khat, for reminding us to rail against "Builder's Beige" in both decorating and in life.

Forget Fear! Have Faith, Take a Deep Breath and Leap Comment of the Day
6/15/14 07:33 PM

Finally, someone else recognizes the beauty of "wheel barrow full of plants" motif. I kept mine full of plant life all fall and winter. You probably keep yours year round. ;-) Seriously, Carlos' use of space to encourage plant life is inspiring. It must be so refreshing to come home.

Carlos’ Custom DIY Loft House Tour
6/12/14 02:57 PM

Ah man, just give your stuff to Goodwill. Yard sales are a lot of work, don't really make much money, and, in the summer, are hot, hot, hot.

With a donation to Goodwill, you can get a reasonable amount (but don't over value as it is used stuff, not new) of a tax deduction perhaps, people still enjoy their finds, the stuff mostly stays out of the dump, and a worthwhile community group gets money to carry on their programs.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Throw a Garage Sale Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
5/25/14 05:18 PM

The front door color is period perfect!

Luis and Alex's Mid-Century Modern House House Call
5/25/14 04:52 PM

Excellent job. Isn't paint great sometimes? You made great decisions.

Hold on to those cabinet doors. I've had open shelves for a long, long time and have become weary of the extra cleaning from dust and grease on all the dishes. Some people don't see to have that problem--perhaps they have better vents than I do--but I will be retrofitting the shelves with frosted glass or clear glass doors in the the foreseeable future.

Before & After: A $90 Weekend Kitchen Refresh
5/24/14 06:57 PM


Thanks for the information on the bed table. I hope Ikea brings it back.

Tamera's Cozy Home Small Cool Contest
5/23/14 07:46 AM

Tell us more about that table over the end of the bed! Is it on rollers? Do you just move it to the end of the bed while you are asleep and then back over the bed when you are up and about? Is it comfortable to use as a desk or a table when you are in bed? Is it custom made or commercially available? It really looks like a cool, multi use, space saving piece for a small bedroom? Can you tell I'm enthusiastic about it?

Tamera's Cozy Home Small Cool Contest
5/22/14 05:18 PM

Your apartment is a day brightener! Thanks for sharing. I think your philosophy of keeping only what you love makes a big impact on the spirit of your home.

Rae's Bright & Beautiful Apartment Small Cool Contest
5/22/14 05:11 PM

I really admire the way you considered your life style and which things you really need and/or love. You have really gotten down to the fundamentals of making a small space work, and work beautifully.

Anna's Serene Studio Small Cool Contest
5/20/14 08:36 PM

Great photography of the apartment...I can see the bricks in the wall. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art collection and business to romance story. The combination of traditional and artsy furniture and the well developed art collection is perfect for your location.

Matilde & Gustavo's Arts District Apartment House Tour
5/16/14 02:18 PM