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Our kitchen is in okay shape (thanks to moving recently), except for our big ol' vintage stove. It's just a big, crusty, greasy mess. Time to tackle. It dominates our kitchen so I imagine the whole room will improve when it is gleaming and white.

Also, here's a question about keeping the drawers clean in an old kitchen. We have a sticky drawer that seems to leave some kind of sediment in the drawer below it. For this reason, I don't use the drawer below for anything other than boxed things (aluminum foil, parchment paper, etc). It's pretty sketchy and gross, but I don't know what to do to fix it. I would love it if anyone has an idea!

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/10/14 02:49 PM

I love this assignment! We have a large kitchen in a tiny house, and I've been wondering how to make it more of a warm hangout spot, including a little area for my 3 yr old (without making it a plastic toy-splosion). I sat where she sometimes sits on the floor. (So it was a plus that the floor was actually clean.) :-)

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective January Cure: Assignment #3
1/7/14 12:07 AM

I'm a second-timer! I found last year's cure really inspiring and got my place clean, cozy, and just right ... and then moved cross-country in June. Our new place is about half the size (and about twice the rent) of the previous place. I love it for many reasons, but our landlord cut some corners that continue to bug me. Little things like a crooked door that doesn't latch, dirty blinds that I've been meaning to remove from the backdoor, and the world's most epic and ugly towel rack. I'll have my work cut out for me in each room!

Tara's Cure: Take Two Liveblogging The January Cure 2014
1/2/14 03:27 PM