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The January Cure got me past the post-holiday winter slump. It was a great way to start the new year feeling productive. Going to do this every year!

Weekend Chores: Relax & Celebrate! The January Cure Assignment #22
2/2/14 12:09 PM

This Saturday night, I'm having some good friends over for a little italian appetizers, bellinis, brownies, and rousing games of heads up. The husband is going to help with some last-minute picture-hanging. And I am going to spend these last few days completing some do-able tasks (finish the filing) and sprucing up the house. Not easy with a 4-year old who insists on leaving numerous race lines of cars and planes all over the house and a 3-month old going through a growing spurt. But come Saturday, I am spending some quality time with friends and prosecco!

The Last Lap: Gather Some Goodies The January Cure Assignment #21
1/30/14 02:31 PM

Although it seems that the project list I created during that first assignment is still full of things to complete, I realized that this January Cure did get my house in order and my husband and I on the same-page with our future tasks. The general re-organizing was the best part of the cure and I feel a whole lot better about the house now. What other "cures" are on the horizon?

Final Stretch: The 60 Minute Quick Clean The January Cure Assignment #20
1/29/14 08:12 PM

I can commiserate with you. Somehow having a 4-year old with the baby doesn't allow for those wonderful and necessary naps I managed to sneak in last time. My advice: enjoy the small victories...clean fridge and pantry made grocery shopping a lot easier. And if you are lucky to have help nearby, use them! I plan on having my mother entertain the older kid while I plow through my project goal next week. And a pot of coffee throughout the day is always a help. Good luck and now that there are many others in your position. I cannot even imagine trying this while I was teaching...megan88, kudos to you! See if you can hire a babysitter...or perhaps take a personal day if you have them from work.

Lauren's Cure: Kitchen Cleanup (And Not Much Else!) LIVEBLOGGING THE JANUARY CURE 2014
1/11/14 10:13 AM

Clean out the family room closet...which became a dumping ground off all things after our basement flooded three years ago. (Items include: appliances and gifts from my bridal shower which have traveled through three different homes over 8 years, my sister's 2-box collection of children's dvds for the kids, board games, summer stuff, batteries, lightbulbs, extension cords, blankets, a roasting pan, a picnic get the picture.) The hardest task will be to week out the winter coats inherited from my great-aunts and both grandmothers. Any suggestions on the last task?

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 10:06 AM

My wants (in no particular order): 1. Small design DIY and organization projects. 2. Tours, tours, tours...especially of young families. 3. Tips and ways to get prepped and ready for the busy week ahead.

Apartment Therapy On the Weekend! Reader Survey
1/4/14 02:30 PM

So glad to see someone with two young kids tackling these assignments. I am hopefully optimistic that my two little guys (4 and a newborn) will participate rather than hinder!

Lauren's Cure: Tying Up Loose Ends Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/2/14 03:04 PM