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I like to emphasis natural light and windows as much a possible, I find it draws your attention to the world beyond the window and makes your place feel bigger.

I do this with white or cream semi transparent window dressings and oversize curtain rails that allow the curtains to be fully drawn back so they only cover the very edges od the windows... max 2inchs.

The other trick I do with light is table and floor lamps in the corners of the room. This also create levels of light for different moods.

Uplighters can also draw attention to high ceilings.

What can I say I love the light!

New Year, New Thinking: Fresh Ideas to Make ANY Small Space Feel Larger
1/15/14 06:13 AM

I love this post. I adore the concept of loving your home and investing time and effort into it to make it a better place. Its such a positive message!
I am also loving the January Cure its really changed the way I feel about the dreaded 'To do list' and I'm tracking my progress on my blog to share with my friends!
Thank you Apartment Therapy x

Goodbye Green Monster: 6 Tips For Dealing With House Envy
1/14/14 04:21 AM

I love the new years resoltutions for your apparment... LOVE IT. Going to link my readers to it.

New Year’s Resolutions for My Apartment
1/2/14 10:57 AM