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Very cool, but thats nothing like how I used to livefrom 97-99. Outside of Hartsel, towards Lake George, left off the highway, you'll see a tiny little camper, the kind that fit over the bed of a pickup. My mother, father, brother, and I lived in that tiny little thing for 2 years. No running water, no electricity. No phone. We would drive to Buena Vista on the weekends and rent a hotel for 2 days, that's when we would take our showers. If we had to use the bathroom, it was squatting out in the fields. In the winter, it would get so cold, that we would be stuck inside because the door was frozen shut. We were able to cook by going into the gas station and filing up milk jugs water and buying propane and kerosene for the stove and heater. No TV for 2 years. But there were some cool aspects about it. Almost every morning in the spring, a thick fog would settle on the ground, and the wild horses would be out in it.... Sometimes it takes living like a caveman to appreciate the simple things :)

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