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I would never put in a tile countertop; the uneven texture would drive me crazy. I'd love to have the material used in laboratory counter tops though, I guess they are an epoxy resin.

Tired of Granite? 8 Countertop Alternatives to Consider
2/12/14 01:14 PM

Mini dutch ovens are great. I have a cheapie one from the grocery store that I use all the time. My favorite use has been a tiny apple pie.

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2/12/14 12:58 PM

Cool. Seems like you could put salt and the sesame seeds in a pepper grinder together.

Make This: Gomashio, Japanese Sesame Salt
2/6/14 12:34 PM

...as opposed to cocoa beans grown by the fake farmers of the world.

I kid, I like the idea of eating Hershey's first. I feel like it isn't as multidimensional in taste so it would be easier to start describing flavors.

Dandelion Chocolate’s Best Advice for Tasting Chocolate
1/24/14 01:22 PM

Urban Funk w/ touch of Boho

50% Nantucket Style / 33% Cottage Chic / 17% Hollywood Couture

Pretty accurate I think.

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12/29/13 09:34 PM

I like making handmade wrapping paper for the gifts I give my family. Honestly, I don't mind if it gets torn up; I make it with the expectation that it will be. A lot of it is just me wanting to fool around with paints and inks and sequins...whatever I want.

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12/29/13 08:54 PM