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Hi, Try using hydrogen peroxide you buy from a health food store. It is safe people drink it. Put it into a spray bottle and spray all the mold this will kill it, let it sit there for a while at least a half an hour go back every now and then to respray so it stays wet and keeps active, then use whatever cleaning products you have for a bathroom and go to work. After this let the room dry out and repaint the walls and ceiling with a mold resistant paint, look for some at a hardware or paint store. Going forward however your going to have to keep the humidity down by ventilating the room and making sure you don't leave wet towels lying around. If you would like more hints check out my blog at Chemical Free Mold Removal

Info on Moldstat Plus or Clove Oil for DIY Mold Remediation? Good Questions
12/29/13 03:26 PM

I remove mold for a living and the easiest way to kill mold is with hydrogen peroxide. It has no odor and breaks down into water and oxygen when its finished. Clove oil and Tea Tree oil may work but they are very expensive and leave an odor, plus I'm not sure if 2 drops in a liter of water is going to be strong enough. To keep mold from returning you have to keep the moisture and humidity levels low below 50%. In a bathroom use a vent fan and don't keep wet towels lying on the floor. If you want to learn more check out my blog at Click Mold Removal

Kill Mold Overnight with a Simple DIY Clove Oil & Water Spray
12/29/13 02:45 PM