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You can buy or rent a hand sander from a hardware store. Sand off the finish with 80 grit, then give it a once over with 150 and finish with 220 to ensure a smooth, even finish. After wiping any sawdust with a tack cloth, apply a pre-stain wood condition (Minwax makes one) and then stain. Follow up with 2+ coats of poly. It's fairly easy to do, just don't skip any of the sanding. Each step is vital to ensure the finished result will look great.

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12/25/13 11:07 PM

You could hire a handyman to epoxy the tub. It will look like new again and isn't terribly complicated to do with the right sprayer. Should be a quick job.

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12/25/13 11:02 PM

Look on for custom furniture builders! There are many talented builders on there and you can get an idea of each seller's price point by viewing the current items for sale in their shop.

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