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I'm very much looking forward to this Cure! Over the past few years I've been trying to cook more, eat more healthy and home-made meals, and I was doing pretty well. Then in January I moved unexpectedly, and since then have found myself completely uninspired to cook even my most favorite dishes.

So I'll take this Cure as inspiration and opportunity, especially around breakfast meals, and hope to come out the other side with more ideas and better cooking habits!

In preparation, I'll be spending part of this weekend covering my awful black countertops with a pretty light gray/blue/tan "granite" pattern Con-tact paper.

FYI: black countertops (even if they are (low-grade rental) granite) in a narrow, windowless, fully-enclosed kitchen are great for creating a deep, dark, cave-like environment. Not so great for creating a warm, wonderful, cooking environment!

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2/27/14 08:22 PM

There are so many things I love about my apartment!

1 - Location! I'm right in the heart of downtown, which means walkable shops, activities, and work. So walkable that I just sold my car!

2 - The windows! The living room is FULL of large windows, which means great light (south and east facing) and both the living room and bedroom windows have a fantastic view of the city skyline and part of the waterfront

3 - "Wood" floors! Thanks to shenanigans by my apartment management company, last month I moved from my original apartment in this complex, to an identical but remodeled unit 1 floor above. In the process, I went from nasty mauve carpet, to fantastically beautiful "wood" (probably vinyl) floors. They really take the apartment from "nice" to "wow" especially with the sun shining in through all those large windows

What Do You Love About Your Home?
2/24/14 10:42 PM

Another grocery delivery splurger here. I have always and forever DESPISED grocery shopping, and my groceries are mostly the same every week. For a long time I had Safeway deliver, but after moving to an Amazon Fresh area, I've switched to them. The minimum order is easy to hit (easier than Safeway, anyway) and I like the organic/local options better from Amazon Fresh. Plus I really, REALLY like the unattended doorstep delivery option from Amazon.

The other nice thing is the ability to really see what I'm ordering -in a store, with a basket or cart full of stuff, I never keep up with adding the total and end up spending more than planned, and over-stocking on unhealthy/junk food. With an online order, the sticker shock is pretty obvious prior to checkout, and then it's easier for me to realize how much of what I'm ordering I don't actually need. In fact, for my last grocery order, the final order ended up being HALF my original cart full, just by realizing how expensive all the junk food was. I took the junk food out, left the produce, meat, and staples (yes, they have good meat selections, and I usually pick "un-ruinable" produce like potatoes) and suddenly I had a healthy, acceptably priced grocery option that was waiting at my door when I came home from work.

90% of my groceries come from delivery, with the occasional Costco and Whole Paycheck trip every few months to fill in a few staples that I either can't get from Amazon, or don't like the options.

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2/18/14 08:28 PM

I purged about 1000 books just over a year ago, so that I could move from a 2-bedroom to a 1-bedroom apartment. I'm still attached to most of the books I kept, but maybe a few tech manuals can go. .. ..

DVDs are in pretty good shape, but the CD collection could definitely use a purge - both physical and digital.

But, like everything else this week, I have to unpack them before I can sort them. Sigh. I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight!

Lightening Up: Declutter Media Collections January Cure Assignment #16
1/23/14 03:55 PM

Trying to get back into the spirit of the Cure after unexpectedly moving apartments with 4 days notice. Ugh. So today I will be unpacking my bathroom, organizing what I need to keep in the new space, and sorting out what I don't need.

Fortunately, most of what I did to my last bathroom earlier this month as my "mini Cure project" was able to be moved to the new bathroom.

Declutter & Organize: Bathroom Cabinets Cleanout The January Cure: Assignment # 15
1/22/14 04:39 PM

Well, my project unexpectedly changed to moving to a new apartment with under 5 days notice. Luckily it's in the same complex and has the same layout, so I just keep telling myself it's not THAT much more effort than moving everything for a really good deep cleaning. (Yes, it's very possible I'm lying to myself to stem the panic.)

However, I did stop at the frame shop last night and pick up the rest of the frames needed for my gallery wall project, so at least I can get right back to that after I move.

The Halfway Point!: Project Progress The January Cure: Assignment #11
1/17/14 12:59 AM

I'm both ahead and behind on today's task. :D I picked up a print yesterday of a photo I've been meaning to enlarge and re-frame, so I'll be doing that today.

But I also desperately need to add more art to my home office, and have no idea which photos I want to print for it. So I'll also be trying to nail down a few of those today, and send them off to the printer. Luckily I can print those in standard sizes so I just have to get back to the frame shop by 1/28!

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/9/14 11:55 AM

Hah, that towel rack would drive me crazy! I probably would have yanked it off the wall a long time ago, then never gotten around to patching the holes and re-installing it at the proper height. :)

I'm refreshing my bathroom too, for my "mini" Cure project this month - I picked up an etagere and some new towels last weekend, so all that's left is adding some small round mirrors scattered over the walls. Small easy changes that have a major impact on the room. That leaves plenty of time for my "real" Cure project, which is major organization and artwork in the home office.

Kim's Cure Project: Refreshing the Bathroom Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/9/14 11:52 AM

Swapping a fridge door from one side to the other isn't very hard - if you look up the model online, you can probably find the specific instructions. It is DEFINITELY a two-person job, though. I got impatient and did mine by myself, and it was one of those projects I got halfway into and thought "what was I thinking???" but had to keep going.

And as a few people mentioned - you'll want to make sure you have enough clearance on the other side to open the door.

Eleanor's Cure Project: A Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/9/14 12:36 AM

@DeeNigma, go for the door removal!! I removed the bi-fold doors off the 2.5 closets in my current apartment, and replaced them with pretty curtains on tension rods. Not only did I gain back 6+ inches of entry to each closet (where the door would normally be) the curtains are visually lighter and the space feels much more open.

Based on some sudden inspiration last weekend, it looks like I'll actually be doing two projects for the Cure:
*Un-Blah my home office, and Do Something (tm) about the perpetually disorganized feeling of the desk
*Make the bathroom feel less dark and gloomy, and more calm and relaxing

I was originally only planning on the office project, but last weekend I ran into something at a store that completely inspired me to redo the bathroom. All it took was a small shelf, a tiny fake plant, and some fresh white towels (and the removal of some heavy curtains and art.) The last step will be scattering small round mirrors over the large blank wall, which should be done this weekend. The change in there is already amazing, I can't wait to get the mirrors up!

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 08:32 PM

I'm happy to say that the Outbox habit is one I've kept up with since last year's Cure. It's gone through a few iterations through 3 apartments and 2 moves, but is now a lovely storage ottoman in my entryway (aka Landing Zone) which does the double duty of hiding the piles of whatever is in there, plus provides a place to sit and put on shoes, boots, etc. h, and it also provides a good place for the cat to hang put and keep track of comings/goings.

Since my Outbox is set up, my task for the day is to empty it so I can drop off everything at the donation center tomorrow - including the item I wasn't sure I could get rid of last week. After putting it in the Outbox for a week, I've realized I really don't need to keep it.

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/7/14 04:11 PM

I had to think for a while about where to sit that I normally wouldn't, because in my small apartment there isn't a lot of unused space. But eventually, I pulled the desk chair back to the doorway of the bedroom I've converted to an office/dressing area, and sat and contemplated the perpetual disaster that is my desk.

After some staring, and thinking about how I use the things that are there, what I do and do not need to store in that space, I've decided to move or replace most of the under-desk storage to look cleaner and better suit my needs. Since half of that is just cardboard boxes or open canvas bins, that will really clean the space up; converting some of those bins to drawers should help me stay more organized, too. And then for the "blah" part of my Office project list, I'll print and frame some photos for the large blank wall that is above my workspace.

Since my lunch break wasn't over yet, I took another 10 minutes to pull out 3 of the boxes that will be replaced and stack them at the end of the desk for sorting, because half of what's in them probably doesn't need to be stored any longer anyway. That freed up a whole bunch of shelf space, and a little bit of shuffling later, my desk already feels better!

10 Mindful Minutes: Get a Fresh Perspective January Cure: Assignment #3
1/6/14 05:10 PM

@Emily, I've got an item on my list that says "office is too 'blah'" so I'd say it's totally OK to have your "make the front porch less 'blah'" on there!

Personally, that means that part of doing that "project" will be an image search for home offices, and perusing design blogs and online shops for inspiration. I remember seeing some fabulous front porch images on the web over the past couple years, so I bet doing something similar would help you out. Good luck!

The First Step: Create a Project List The January Cure: Assignment #1
1/4/14 08:23 PM

I'm happy to say I'm all set on green cleaners, everything I use is Method and while it may not be the greenest, it's as green as I'm going to get any time soon.

I thought about picking up flowers from the local market, but the cat goes to ridiculous lengths to be able to eat any I bring in the house, even though he has cat grass. So while I search for an air plant, and contemplate an orchid (or rather, contemplate whether I would just end up killing an orchid,) for this weekend I have picked up a darling little fake plant for the bathroom which so desperately needs a bit of brightness.

And while I was out running errands this morning, I let the Roomba do most of the heavy work on the floors, although I went through first and picked up or moved all the things I normally let it go around, like cat toys, ottomans, and end tables. Then when I came home, I went along behind with the regular vacuum and got the small spots the Roomba can't get into, moved the large furniture to vacuum under & behind it, and mopped the kitchen floor. I'm happy to say the furniture moving provided some inspiration in the living room, and I was able to shuffle a few things that are useful but not beautiful, and that really helped the layout in there.

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/4/14 04:34 PM

Last January's Cure came just as I was packing up to move (and ended up moving twice, UGH.) Even so I followed along and did/learned a lot, so much that making my list today I saw a lot of things that weren't an issue because even through two moves I'd kept the habit from last year!

Thanks to that, the Kitchen & Style Cures, and some major purging of stuff over the past year, I was really happy to realize that most of my list is finishing touches, adding artwork and lighting, and the perpetually messy desk which is the only thing left from last year's list. And getting back to some habits (floors, bathroom cabinets) that I haven't kept up with. :p

The First Step: Create a Project List The January Cure: Assignment #1
1/2/14 09:37 PM