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I've just moved from Switzerland to Ottawa, Canada to be with my boyfriend. Though I have loved here before (for one year on an exchange programme), my life is very different now. I live outside of town, with my bf and two other guys. I have always been a social bird, and was used to having so many friends around me. I am finding it extremely hard to make friends here, because of location, culture and just not the right opportunities. This article helped a lot and made me realise I am not alone. Sometimes I feel like I m alone in the whole wide world to feel the way I do, but a lot of people out there are actually feeling the exact same.
For me it;s more about, accepting that my own friends are not here and that I will not find them here, but other amazing people.

10 Tried & True Tips: How to Make New Friends in a New City
12/22/13 02:09 PM