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It's a really cute sofa! I think it is 60s inspired by the Danish design but likely not teak. That style leg is around a lot with the fake versions and more mass-produced furniture from that time. Kind of a throwback to hollywood regency too, could be older I suppose. It looks like it's in great condition and that is hard to come by, nice find!

How To Identify Era/Style of Vintage Sofa? Good Questions
3/19/14 08:37 AM

I would love to see a photo of one of these inside in context. Love the idea!

Look! Antique Stove Base Table
1/26/14 09:59 AM

I love the house -- especially the hanging folding chairs. So smart for extra seating that doubles as wall art! But ikea "textiles"? Ugh. They are affordable because they rip off old world designs and are cheaply made.

Alana's Brooklyn Railroad House Tour
1/26/14 09:57 AM

I love the zebra paper but I feel like one wall would be bold enough. Anything more for me would be just too much!

Push Your Style: 7 Bold Ideas from Pros Professional Projects
1/26/14 09:55 AM

I don't know I personally love the old Persian rug in the kitchen look, as long as it's not shag, you just vacuum it to clean. Ours is in front of the stove but not the sink -- although I've seen it done.

We get our rugs from a friend of ours that owns a small NY company we highly recommend -- old new house. We just bought a bunch for our new house but here is one that would look so awesome in the kitchen --

I definitely missed some of these, thanks for posting!

Our Favorite Inspiring & Fearless Elements From This Week's Top Tours January 20 - 24, 2014
1/26/14 09:52 AM

These are great options and there are way more ---

Custom made wooden one that becomes other piece of furniture --

Cool European one that feels modern and cool but totally functional (not sure if it's available in US) --

Products for Co-Sleeping
12/21/13 01:32 PM