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I bring my iPad into bed with me and it's the first thing I grab in the morning, but I do use an alarm clock to wake me. I haven't had any problems falling asleep, but in the morning I can spend a little too much time checking email and twitter before actually getting out of bed.

The Philips Hue lighting system is a good way to wake up as well. You can set the lights to gradually come on and you can control the settings (color and brightness).

Banishing My Phone from My Bedside: The Results, One Month Later
4/17/14 12:13 PM

Nicely done, but I too am waiting for the app.

Apartment Therapy Goes Mobile!
2/24/14 01:33 PM

Going to be moving home in next 6 months and office within year. Would be very nice.

Win: The Martha Stewart Home Officeâ„¢ Collection Giveaway Staples
2/5/14 01:39 PM