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my last apartment, the guy downstairs would vomit every morning at about 7, and i could hear every last heave. he also used to scream obscenities at his girlfriend and make her yelp and then lock herself in the closet. about 4 times a week. did i mention that this guy worked at the apartment complex??! needless to say, i was OUTTA there when the lease was up! now i deal with screaming "Bebe's Kids," as I call them. up until late, kicking soccer balls onto my second floor balcony, shredding the shrubbery and trees and throwing the detritus in everyone's door and hallways, cursing at each other (these kids are under 10!), vandalizing the grounds, playing and screaming in my tiny hallway (NO kids live in my particular building)... i want to get mad at them, but i have to direct it towards their parents, who obviously don't give a crap about where their kids are and what they are doing :(

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 07:41 PM

i love your house...very much the look i'm going after.

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3/8/10 01:26 AM

what a massive waste of storage!! we have two metal cases each about the size of a tackle box that hold approximately 750 DVDs. You recycle the plastic DVD cases, place the DVDs in the sleeves, type the names into an Excel sheet to print out and voila! You can find any DVD you want to watch in about 2 seconds. It takes maybe two hours of prep time on a rainy afternoon, and you have all your discs in the space of about 4 shoe boxes. And yeah, living in Southern California, I would be really worried about those DVDs crashing on my head lol.

Look! The Small Space Movie Lover's Library and Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/27/09 11:42 PM

These comments are great reasons why some people choose to live alone, but only one person has touched on what a lot of people are missing out on: the companionship which comes from having a friend or loved one living with you. The best part of my day is when my boyfriend and I sit on the couch after work to "decompress"...we tell each other about our day, the bad and the good, and it's very cathartic. I also used to do this with my old roommates. Not only do you feel closer, but you're basically getting free therapy! lol Sure you can call up a friend or go to someone's house, but it's so much more comfortable to sit on your couch in your comfy clothes, which some people might not feel right about doing with someone they don't live with. It's also way more fun to watch movies, cook, decorate, listen to music, and eat with another person. Plus it makes the chores easier! Of course there are times when I crave solitude.. and I get it when my boyfriend is at work and I have the day off (like today) or when he's got some other arrangements. It's a nice mix of company and alone-time. I'm not saying that living alone is bad; but unfortunately it can get very lonely, and people aren't jumping through hoops to come over all the time just because you are home by yourself; they have their lives too. There is just a lot to be said of sharing your life and space with someone (or people.) <3

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flying Solo: The Simplicity of Living Single
11/4/09 03:28 PM