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Sounds like you need better, more interesting friends.

5 Problems You Only Face While Living Alone (and How to Deal with Them)
7/16/14 12:34 PM

I LOVE your apartment! Someday I hope my place looks as cool as yours. That wall o' books is heavenly.

I think it was great that AT posted more information on what you do, even if some people see it as just a plug. Learning about the people sharing their homes with us gives it a very real connection, and I'm sure writers and book lovers will use and decorate their space differently from people with other occupations. Thank you for sharing your space and personalities!

Amanda & Justin's Brooklyn Railroad Nook House Tour
4/28/14 01:03 PM

Thanks for sharing! I just got back from traveling abroad, and often found myself wondering what the beautiful buildings looked like inside.

I think the most interesting tours are from the local residents, not just from American expats. :)

International Inspiration: 15 Small, Stylish Homes Around the World
4/25/14 02:01 PM

Heavens to betsy, books in the fireplace? Sacrilege! But I agree, books do look nice as decoration - and are functional, too!

LOVE the painting in the last photo! Combined with the boots and the trunk, it gives a nice southwestern feel.

Cheap, Yet Chic: 8 Living Room Ideas for Little to No Money
3/25/14 01:29 PM

Perfect timing! I've been rearranging my furniture every week it seems like - something just feels off. Thank you for the tips!

When a Room Feels \"Off\": 4 Possible Culprits and How to Fix Them
3/24/14 01:17 PM

Not taking your shoes off? How rude! My mother raised me to always take off my shoes when entering someone else's home. Your hosts shouldn't have to ask.

Sarah's Modern Global Loft House Tour
2/20/14 04:35 PM

This is AMAZING. Thank you for sharing!

Two Simple Steps to an Emptier Mailbox Comment of the Day
1/16/14 01:59 PM

How do you think the companies advertise credit cards to you in the first place? They're putting a block on your SSN so Visa, Amex, etc. can't send solicitations.

Two Simple Steps to an Emptier Mailbox Comment of the Day
1/16/14 01:59 PM

I like all of the ideas except #6 - It's not organized. It just looks like clutter.

In Plain Sight: 10 Smart Solutions for Everyday Organizing
1/8/14 01:30 PM