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I checked the MSDS (material safety data sheet) on Pledge Furniture Polish. If the product used is similar to that this might be a little tricky.

Pledge polish contains Dimethicone which is basically silicone. If you want to try to maintain the unfinished look of the teak and not oil the rest of the table to match the dark spot, I would experiment with trying to leach out the silicone with a solvent. Acetone would probably be your best bet.

Wear protective gloves, work in a ventilated area, apply the solvent to a clean rag, and try to "mop" out the furniture polish. This will probably take several applications. Fortunately, if the rest of the top has no finish on it, the acetone will not disrupt the surrounding area. It will go dark while wet but return to its natural color when its dry.

Please remember to read all the safety notes on whatever product you use and if you feel unsure about using a particular product, consider taking it to a professional.

Good luck.

Fix for Natural Teak Tabletop Discolored by Furniture Polish? Good Questions
12/20/13 10:26 AM