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I name all my plants girl names. They must all start with the letter "E" (like sdblondie's F)
Mostly, they are spanish names..
I have Elvira, Esperanza, Emila, Estella, Elefanta (lol), Esther, Esmeralda.
And my dog gets so jealous when I start talking to them! glad to know I'm not alone...

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7/30/10 02:30 PM

Absolutely love the way you brought in color to all white walls. I have all white walls and doors in my place; your place is a perfect example that you don't always need paint!
Great job and have fun "changing" it really is never Done!

Alysia's Treehouse by the Lake House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/27/09 12:33 PM

Agree with Jody O. I stopped there this past summer because their window display was just calling me. Took a closer look and picked up a vase, priced for $250.00 that I bought at Pier 1 when I WORKED THERE!! it retailed for $18.00. They have some awesome stuff, I didn't buy anything that day, I felt so cheated and scammed.
Like Julian, I go in there for ideas, and like every other person on here not once have I received a "hello, can I help you find something?"
I'm not grouchy, just stating facts.

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11/4/09 01:04 PM