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The dollar store near me sometimes has decent frames beleive it or not.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cheap Sources for Frames
12/4/07 05:55 PM

Agreed, I used Murphys for several years and was not happy with the result.

I now use "neutral all purpose cleaner" from concentrate. This is reccomended by Don Aslett who owned a cleaning company and has written many books on cleaning and clutter control.

It's "neutral" so its not harsh. The feeling of the floors under your socks can't be beat. The floors have a beautiful shine to them and just feel incredibly clean. Not so shiny as to be slippery or anything. No need to rinse and the brand I use is biodegradable.

He also reccomends that you wax your floors to make them last longer, which I don't do. [Need to start.]

Last benefit is its cheap when you buy it from a professional cleaning / janitorial supply company such as Jondon, etc.

The brand I use is Franklin, but I imagine they are all pretty much the same.

^Search for "neutral all purpose cleaner"

Apartment Therapy - For the Love of Wood: Hardwood Floor Cleaners#comments
9/3/07 10:26 AM