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Thank you Danica! I always forget that etsy does vintage as well as handmade. I even live in LA so hopefully I can go have a look at the antique one.

The IKEA and RH beds are pretty typical of the new iron beds - small tubes and more embellishments. I love the simplicity of the original and the large tubes.

Bed From Janelle Monae's Tightrope Video?
Good Questions

3/21/11 05:42 PM

I think the shelter idea is fantastic - the story of the people who ended up adopting is exactly the goal and in the interim the dogs are well socialized.

Dog rental seems like a fine idea in theory, although I can see that there might be some wrinkles to iron out in practice, such as the number and nature of renters per dog or liability issues.

The Ritz-Carlton model seems pretty good - the dog has An Owner/pack leader, but gets to spend its days out and about when the owner is at work. For all the pratting about Commitment and Responsibility, darling fluffies all over the US spend most of their day waiting around for Dear Leader to come home and many (not all - breeding and socialization are an issue) would welcome new friends.

I decline to speculate on the spiritual life of dogs and if this might lead them to shift from a monotheistic to a polytheistic cosmology.

But more importantly: how many grapes must a dog eat (per pound of body weight) to go into renal failure? Enquiring minds want to know!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Pet Rental?
8/5/08 06:31 PM

I walked into a wine store near my house and was floored to find that they had done a similar type of set-up. I would consider myself a "casual-yet-discerning" wine-drinker, but have always found the price-point approach to be a reliable guide to wine: $10-20 per bottle is likely to result in something drinkable. If it doesn't, remember the winery and avoid it in the future.

With the adjectives, I find it hard to locate a wine I've had before - would it be juicy or smooth? Who cares anyway?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Wine Store Review: Best Cellars
3/2/08 12:58 PM

Anyone interest in cat-oriented interior design MUST check out Bob Walker's The Cats' House. I saw the book, really awesome ideas although certain elements may not fit a strict modernist diet.

Some pictures can be found at:

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: John's Alcove Construction for Cats
1/29/08 06:27 PM

Amo i colori! And that's about all the Italian I can drum up off the top of my head.

I quite like the idea of opening the blog up to participants in other languages - given the importance of pictures, you can figure out what is going on even if you aren't so hot with the language. The motto at the top of the page is: "Changing the WORLD one apartment at at time" after all.

And the world operates in multiple languages. Nothing pretentious about using one's native tongue.

Apartment Therapy - #23 - Eva's Italian Lesson
10/17/07 04:41 PM

In academia, staring at the walls is an acceptable activity for many social events because the walls are often lined with books. While the books are often not beautifully bound or even inspiring, they are a quick and entertaining entry into the homeowner's personality.

Apartment Therapy - Resources: Coffee Table Books
9/26/07 10:48 AM

I'm in the renegade cure mode - have been going along the last two weeks but haven't got anything up on flickr yet due to slightly crazed work schedule recently. I've jumped into the cure anyway because my biggest issue is a lack of clarity concerning my personal style due to spending the last 5 years renting furnished rooms. I think I've got it sorted out: punk rock art deco all the way. Which might explain why I am having trouble finding photos of interiors I like. Need to track down that book Thurston Moore edited.

Apartment Therapy - The Fall Cure: Week Two - Weekend
9/23/07 06:27 PM

I'm a warm person who has learned to live cool due to my job - I have moved at least once a year for the past 7 years and I expect to do so for the next two or three. So while I don't have much in the way of clutter (can't be bothered to move it!), I love my home space and am getting very good at churning out all sorts of food with the minimal equipment.

I have ethical issues with cut flowers (unlikely to find a good source in my town), but I like the thought of curtains. The blinds in my new place are cheap!

Apartment Therapy - AT on: Warm Cool People
9/10/07 03:41 PM

I'm in - provided my 'good deed' of ordering the book through a local independent bookseller doesn't punish me by failing to arrive in a timely fashion. Should have just gone straight to the source.

Apartment Therapy - Last Minute Motivator: Fall Cure
9/3/07 06:23 AM