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I live in an apartment, so there are a few things that annoy me.
1) The bathroom has no medicine cabinet and no drawers. Only a cupboard underneath the sink, and an empty space under the extended counter.
Solution: i put a vertical hamper and a three tiered wire rack with drawers under the counter for brushes, hair accessories and makeup, then invested in a tiered bin holder from Target that I use to store small things like soaps and hair products.

2)The hot water runs out really fast, because our shower setting is blast your skin off or normal stream but with a weird whiney sound as though the faucet does not appreciate the water pressure... so we have gotten used to taking only 15 minute showers (20-25 minutes if it's warmer outside, and you don't need the water to be too hot), and of course, 15 minutes is a good enough time, but with long hair, and if I want to shave... Forget about it!

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4/1/14 10:20 PM

-Try to include your product's 8 digit number.
Looks like 000.000.00 on the back of the tags, bottom right.
This will help co-workers out if you're having problems locating the product.

-GO: Weekdays. If you have to go on the weekend go before noon (but also, try to leave before noon too), or after 4:00.

-Look For: Arrows to lead you out, and blue signs that hang from the ceiling to tell you what's coming up.

-The Markethall (downstairs) is in sections. In your list that you have all ready prepared, take note of what you need, and which SECTION it may be in so do not have to back track.

-Some items like drawer pulls, and some cabinet items may actually be located UPSTAIRS in the SHOWROOM, and not in the market hall.

-Do not assume that every employee knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING in the store. If you are needing some serious technical help, ask if that employee works in that department (sometimes they are just walking through from another department). But, for general locations of items, if you do not know the name, give them a description, and they can at least point you in the right direction, tell you if it's in stock, or at least, when the next order is coming in.

LASTLY, IKEA changes out some of their products seasonally. Just because you saw it a few months ago, does not mean it's still there....

Tips for Navigating IKEA In Record Time
3/7/14 05:13 PM

I have a 19th century black trunk that I use as my coffee table. COST: Free + tons of freaking storage. Because I live in an APARTMENT and have limited storage space, this works wonderfully!

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3/7/14 04:58 PM

Why are sofas so expensive?! Some of us live in small spaces because we cannot afford large ones, much less a couch that costs as much as rent.

Six Stylish Sofas for Small Spaces Shopping Guide
1/9/14 01:56 PM