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I love this idea. You would of course have to have a bookshelf big enough to hold everything, which has always been the problem at our house. We just moved and when we unpacked things I arranged all the books loosely by dewy decimal. Although all my sewing and craft books went in the office, and the cookbooks in the dining room.
Keeping it in mind for when I have kids.

Strategies for Arranging the Family Bookcase
2/21/14 04:49 PM

When I was a kid we would open PJs on Christmas eve, and then in the morning we would do stockings first, generally all at once. After stockings my would always try and have us take a break for breakfast, but most of the time my dad and sister and I would convince her that we should open all the presents first. My mom would hide a pickle on the tree and whoever found it first would get to be the first "santa" and pick out presents for everyone to open. We all got a present and would open them one at a time, and take turns picking out presents for others to open. Now that I'm grown up and married we still follow the same present opening tradition at my parents house, but it isn't always on Christmas morning.

Idea Exchange: What's Your Christmas Present Opening Tradition?
12/19/13 12:38 PM