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Please do not rent from Acropolis Gardens co-op in Astoria, Metropolitan Pacific Management, or Hilltop Equities in NYC! My husband and I lived in two different apartments in the same co-op: The first had a leaking roof that was never properly fixed and screaming neighbors that were never dealt with, the second did not have heat or hot water for 37 days during the NY heating season (including during the polar vortex!). We complained to the city four times and threatened to sue. When we asked to be released from our lease our landlord did not reply to our request (and never returned our phone calls or e-mails in general). Acropolis Gardens is riddled with mice and roaches. Please be careful, do your research, and stay away from landlords or management companies in NYC that have poor reviews.

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7/2/14 12:27 PM

My husband and I have always been tidy, but when we moved to NYC we halved our possessions to accommodate a 450-square-foot one-bedroom apartment. My husband ripped his collection of 300 CDs and 150 DVDs and stores it all on an external hard drive (we store the physical copies in his parents' basement in Wisconsin). We sold our couch, coffee table, and dining table and chairs. We decided to keep his records (over 200) and our books (over 300), but we organize them efficiently. Every couple months we sell clothes we don't wear and books we don't read. We rent a storage unit but only use it for our a/c unit. The greatest force that keeps us clean is my husband's severe allergies and asthma. Keeping our apartment tidy means that we can also clean more quickly.

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6/5/14 10:40 AM

A place like this in Astoria is a rare find. Almost all apartments have been renovated by the landlords cheaply and shoddily. Also, few spaces have an eat-in kitchen. I'd be interested to know where exactly in Astoria Louisa lives and whether she rents or owns. I've been living in Astoria for three years, and although I love the neighborhood the apartments are terrible!

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5/30/14 12:51 PM

This first time I used this recipe my yogurt turned out great! The second time it was spoiled when I took it out of the oven--any ideas why this would happen? Also, is there anything I can do with all this spoiled yogurt? Bake with it?

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5/13/14 09:28 AM

We have a small but impressive collection--including a Vik Muniz photograph, two posters by Peter Saville, and a print by Harmony Korine--but we found all of them on eBay or at Printed Matter in NYC and none cost more than $500. The expensive part was the framing!

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5/8/14 11:01 AM

I made yogurt from this recipe last night and it turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

How To Make Yogurt at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/30/14 09:33 AM

I drink mostly black teas and my husband drinks mostly green. We recently purchased the Harney and Sons Guide to Tea which turned out to be an excellent guide for temperature settings and length of time for brewing, as well as brief but useful facts about tea varieties. We've invested in an electric kettle with variable temperature settings--the utiliTEA kettle by Adagio as per theKitchn's recommendation--and a small thermometer. We've found by brewing teas at the correct temperature for the recommended amount of time, the taste vastly improves. We use loose-leaf tea only. I recommend Orange Pekoe black tea for serving English style with milk and sugar, Ceylon when served alone, and Sencha and Gyokuro green teas.

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2/3/14 03:25 PM