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Do not go with granite tile meant for floors!!! Sorry but this is a horrible idea--one I'm currently having to live with since we just moved into a new place. The floor tiles have a different finish--and are not meant for counters. Try getting a drop of lime juice off of them, ha. Or removing any sort of splatter! It's like a constant dirty counter--so gross. I will actually be covering these with concrete later this week for the interim--they are that bad.

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3/18/14 11:05 AM

Definitely means some nutrient was deficient, but you probably could've inferred that was going to be the case buying generic eggs. After watching a few different videos of egg producers and a close friend in the industry (for the FDA), I can't stomach eating them anymore. I think it's fine for others, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Last week I literally drove to another grocery store to get eggs since the first one I went to only had regular/generic ones. Gosh, I'm getting weird.

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3/5/14 03:32 PM

I'll instead do this all weekend. My husband is away right now so face time is a must. I can definitely nix the internet + tv tonight though.

Hope we can figure out what to do with this landing string though... When we walk in from the garage, it's straight into our kitchen, and the washer/dryer (exposed) is the main surface where everything goes. It's in our near term plans to move them, but any ideas? I've been stumped about how to make this a more functional space for awhile now. Help!

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1/15/14 10:11 AM

Rayna- Caulking windows in on my list too! but I also have to take them apart to do that since they are home-made double wall windows....so that is too big of a project for this month! good luck!

I'm going to sand the walls (rough wood paneling) in the kitchen, and then whitewash them. I've been deliberating about whether or not to do this since we moved in in September, and it's just time to do it. No more splinters!

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1/8/14 10:54 AM