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Perfection. I love every texture, fabric, color and d├ęcor piece!

Maggie's Cutest House in Georgetown House Tour
2/27/14 12:57 PM

After reading this in complete disbelief, I had to go to the link to find out what methodology they used to come up with these RIDICULOUS figures. They are assuming a 20% down payment and are not including taxes and insurance - this is principal and interest only, on 80% of the purchase price....and therefore not applicable to the real world. I just bought a house in Washington DC area, and the "average" price they are quoting leaves me baffled. Are they including abandoned crack houses sold for $1 to skew the average? Obviously this article was for entertainment purposes only and not intended to provide any realistic data whatsoever that might be useful to 99% of the population.

How Much Do You Need to Make to Buy A Home in 25 Cities? Design News
2/19/14 02:10 PM