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Don't forget to consider updating the lighting! Installing some new pendant lights over the island might be something you want to include in the budget and would really add a lot especially if you're already planning on painting.

Otherwise, I would prioritize the stove (gas!!) and the countertops (match them for consistency) and then maybe a backsplash.

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7/22/14 04:33 PM

What about putting a low bookcase at the end of the space that you could use for your office space and that would act as a sort of headboard for a guest bed? And if no one ever sits up there, then go for a twin or daybed instead of a futon. Looks like there's enough room to get by without being cramped.

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7/17/14 01:56 PM

I recently visited Cape Town and it was amazing! A stunning city in an even more beautiful geographic setting! It's been named Design Capital of 2014 by the way. If anyone is planning a visit, I highly recommend spending some time in arts and design district called Woodstock. A lot of cool, local, handcrafted stuff to check out that's modern with African influence.

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6/20/14 11:27 AM

Great apartment, and those 3 suit prints are awesome! Where are those from?

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6/11/14 07:58 PM

Love this! I'd love to see a list of sources for cool, affordable wallpapers like AT has posted recently for rugs, lighting, and a few other things. Sites that offer absolutely every imaginable pattern are often overwhelming to sift through. Thanks!

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6/3/14 05:02 PM

I actually hang my keys in just about the same spot in my kitchen. I agree with other comments in that you could paint it, stencil it, or paper it and it can nicely frame something functional like a couple sets of keys. Hang the key hooks just above the frame .

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4/8/14 02:02 PM