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There is a simpler solution - stop exchanging gifts! For years, my relatives gave me things for which I had no use or that did not suit my taste. I felt badly they had spent their money and taken the trouble for nothing. No amount of suggested gift coaching pre-holiday modified the behavior. We all finally reached an age where we can afford to get what we want for ourselves (and we do). I suggested a no gift policy and most went along.

Now if I find something I think a particular person would like, I get it for them and gift it whenever. This seems to work better. Some still send gifts for my birthday, usually of the consumable kind, which I appreciate but don't expect (and sometimes find embarrassing if they are too generous). While gift giving helps the economy, doesn't it make more sense to buy what you want/need for yourself and get it right the first time?

Apartment Therapy’s Guide to Regifting
1/2/14 06:06 PM