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So smart. I applaud your ingenuity and skills.

Before & After: Maura's Smart Studio Sleeping Solution
3/23/14 08:40 PM

I knew they were from Toronto as soon as I saw that he was wearing Blundstones!

Such a cute house. I like how every room feels like a different style from the last.

Chris & Meg's Darling City Cottage House Tour
1/28/14 06:08 PM

I currently work in retail and have very little return shame. Knowing that I can return makes the fact that I'm spending money on something go down so much smoother.

On the other hand, I make commission at work and seeing someone come back in with something that I sold them breaks my heart a tiny bit. It means a little less money in my pocket, and lower sales numbers for the day of the return. However, I would never begrudge anyone for it, unless I spent an inordinate amount of time/energy helping them.

Return Shame: You Either Have It or You Don't
1/24/14 02:43 PM

This is my favourite house that has been shown! It is absolutely perfect. Good job, Lauren and Chad.

Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort House Tour
1/10/14 02:10 PM

Cute couple!

Stephen & Antwann's Cool, Clever Home House Tour
12/20/13 09:58 PM