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Someone talk to me about fluorescent lighting. Those wide plastic panels in the center of your ceiling. I use the lamps, but sometimes you just need the overhead.

DIY Ways to Mask Awful Rental Lighting
7/21/14 09:14 PM

You should be proud! What a wonderful job you did in design and execution. I would be thrilled to have this in my own kitchen.

Your alley sounds like Diagon Alley.

Before & After: An Amazing & Cheery Up-Cycled Recycling Center
6/29/14 10:28 AM

Not my colors, but great skill on the redo.

Before & After: The Million Hour Chair
5/22/14 07:11 PM

That is an awesome desk! Nice job. I like both sets of pulls. Hope you were able to recycle the old ones too.

Before & After: The Million Hour Chair
5/22/14 07:10 PM

I love my Ikea desk. I used the design which has been around for a while.

Bought two turquoise Ikea drawers but primarily use baskets for under desk storage (a mix of their turquoise and weave). I think I want one more drawer for office supplies and for the color splash.

It is a one-closet apartment, so the storage is greatly needed. I also needed the wide desk expanse for two monitors and the company phone.

At 5'9" it is just a smidge too high and cut into my skin as the day wore on and I wasn't standing so tall. I bought an exercise step (also turquoise!) at a thrift store for $3.00 and now it is the perfect height with the added bonus of step exercising when I have to listen in on phone meetings.

Work Spaces for Small Places: IKEA Expedit to DIY Standing Desk Ikea Hackers
5/22/14 07:04 PM

Love the after, love the artwork, betting I would love the grey wall too. But the white deer head? Make it stop. Just kidding. Glad you love it, but its not my style.

The colors are so incredible it makes the rope bridge more inviting to me. The before picture was too lifeless for me.

Before & After: Paint Spices Up a Stylish Dining Room
4/27/14 09:23 PM

I think it looks fantastic and I'm glad you posted a link to the cabinet since at first I thought it was a most excellent Ikea hack (PS cabinet, which is different now that I ran out to look).

Before & After: Vickiann's DIY Real Brick Wall
3/16/14 09:14 PM

I love the room except for the fireplace color in the distant shot. I didn't like that until I saw the close up shots, then I truly appreciated the change.

Before & After: A Faux Fireplace Gets One Inexpensive and Easy Update
3/13/14 09:39 PM

I have a room in my apt. with no windows, and different finishes on all the paneled walls. I covered my least favorite panel color with wavy 3d panels from Home Depot and originally thought painting it the new neutral (gray) would lighten the room up. It just looked dingy and I couldn't stand it. (I did live with 3 different paint swatches on the wall for a couple of weeks but it didn't prepare me for the finished product.)

Just finished painting the panels a deep blue grey. It looks denim during the day and somewhat metallic blue at night. Really liking it and not regretting going dark like I thought I might.

Share the Pain: What Was Your Biggest Paint Mistake? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/13/14 09:21 PM

I really like what you did and I find it incredibly inspirational. I found a dresser over the summer at a thrift store. The legs and hardware are what I fell in love with and would like to see them highlighted like you did here.

My legs are the same but my hardware isn't as cool as yours (I have three long wavy pulls) and although my first choice was to have them nickel plated, this looks like a much more affordable option to make them pop.

I'm still attempting to get the drawers to act like drawers again (its a little rough going), but you really inspired me to pick a color and transform the piece. Thanks!

Before & After: Nicole's Jewelry Box Inspired Dresser Makeover
3/8/14 06:01 PM