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We use just blankets and sit on the grass or we use whatever is available on site (chairs, benches made from wood, logs, large stones :)).

There is a large cushion from IKEA (RISO) which should be easy to carry for one, but not for several more.

I would not count on any portable chair, as they are not designed like that. (I have the anxiety, too!!)

Recommendations for Camping Chair That's Big-&-Tall-Fella-Friendly? Good Questions
7/8/14 08:26 AM

Age is just a number!

Just wait to have children and you will see how your take on life (and your space) will change once again (provided that you wish to have children some day).

I only agree with the mattress (which is not from the above mentioned IKEA) as we spend about one third of our lives in bed. :)

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/27/14 05:02 AM

Why do you keep posting pictures of tv screens hung over fireplaces? It makes no sense to criticize this in other articles and then select this " before / after " as a source of inspiration...

Before & After: Kristi's DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace
2/22/14 03:37 PM

We used this combination between a chamging table and baby bath, which was stored over the bath tub.
It was very useful because it was higher than any changing table on the market, plus the sink was just next so we did not have to carry the baby around.
We use a foldable highchair. The one which is attached to an adult chair was too dangerous for my daughter. She felt free to bend and reach for things around her and several timees, she almost fell from it.
If you take your time and do a proper research, you can decide what you truly need forypur baby.they do not need stuff. They ,eed their parents

5 Baby Gear Essentials for Living in a One Bedroom Apartment
Mommy Poppins

2/4/14 08:08 PM