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The dry swiffer cloths are great for dusting, but other than grabbing pet hair, they're not great on floors. I find that the swiffer wet pads leave a bit of residue on the floor, and it's not much easier than just using warm water and white vinegar and a mop.

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
3/27/14 04:36 PM

Putting off-season clothes in baskets on top of an armoire is bound to result in very dusty clothes! Maybe cute boxes/bins with lids would be better?

Tips & Tricks for Smart Storage of Off Season Items Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 12:39 PM

Sorry, should have qualified the "condescending" part. I think it's the sarcasm. If it was more earnest I would have appreciated it.

Traveling? Here's How to Annoy Your Host
2/20/14 12:50 PM

The tone of this is very condescending and not consistent with the "therapy" part of Apartment Therapy. Most people who view your website already know these things.

Traveling? Here's How to Annoy Your Host
2/20/14 12:47 PM