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Here's what I've learned after living in the South for several years without an air conditioned kitchen.

1. If you buy delicate oils (olive, walnut, etc) in bulk, you can store most in the fridge and leave a small bottle out for easy access.

2. Dried beans and grains are usually fine in a pantry with the exception of brown rice. I would keep that in the freezer or only buy a small amount at a time.

3. Keep shelled nuts in the freezer. I've found nuts in the shell can be kept in a cool, dark place, like a lower cabinet, for quite a while.

4. I've also learned to break the fridge rule on a number of things just for the sake of them not going bad immediately. Bread, tomatoes, citrus fruit, grapes. When in doubt, store it in the fridge.

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6/10/14 10:00 AM

For #3, can you recommend any programs?

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6/9/14 11:55 AM

I don't. I just cry into my beer while staring into the empty void that used to be my bathroom.

...just kidding, sort of. I usually have to call in reinforcements. It's hard to slack off and watch Netflix while your kind friends and family are working away on your project.

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6/6/14 03:12 PM

Last night for dessert I made sliced strawberries with sweetened vanilla sour cream, and a drizzle of honey and balsamic. Delish.

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5/23/14 12:23 PM

I think this is eclectic done right. Good job. Also, I love that bathroom. Can I live in that bathroom?

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4/22/14 11:07 AM

I tried to stack my teacups like Martha, but in my own house it just made me nervous. Maybe I need like, 25 more, so it won't matter if one breaks.

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4/17/14 03:48 PM