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My husband does most of the cleaning/grocery shopping as well. I think my dad played a role as he helped out more than his generation back then because he thought that it should be that way since my mom worked. My mom does not have high standards to cleaning though either.. and this helped. My dad resisted against the jokes about letting the women do that kind of work. So I have to give him credit for resisting the backlash of other people. Me and my sister now don't care too much about housework. It's just not that important to have a super clean house for us.

I'm also the breadwinner of the house. I don't feel more inclined to do more housework to make that up to him! But I did marry someone who is not rigid in their ways and not as apt to cave under social pressures. It seems that our view on things end up becoming our reality!

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12/18/13 12:37 PM