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Oh, I should add that dingy, holey, and junk textiles get donated to H&M where they are turned into insulation and stuff. Holey socks, questionable underwear, worn out towels - off to H&M. You even get a 15% off coupon for each bag you donate.

I craft, sew, etc, but I know getting rid of clothes by tossing them is sometimes difficult. H&M makes it easy to clear out that pile. Just Google "Garment collecting" and "H&M" is this link doesn't work.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/5/14 11:21 PM

I'm single and I have two fish tanks as far as pets.

1. Not having a credit card - if I don't have the cash on hand, I don't buy it and it doesn't get piled up.

2. I "designed" my apartment. There is a definite theme. Bringing some decorative piece would mean analyzing where it would actually fit into the decor. I've noticed messy people don't have any sort of theme, it's just a bunch of stuff and then they pick up random decor pieces that don't fit any sort of theme and it gets shoved somewhere to gather dust.

3. I love to organize. I use Sterilite bins for everything and I label them with my label maker. Desk supplies, nail polish, gloves, card games, electrical cord,etc and... every pair of shoes each have their own bin. When stuff has a specific spot, you never need a junk drawer. All the boxes are the same size so they stack nicely.

4. I don't have a garage, a storage unit, attic or basement. What I have has to fit in my space. I take a lot of pride in having tidy cabinets.

5. I don't have duplicates of items such as desk supplies, linens and the like. I have 1 set of everyday dishes and one bulk set for parties that I keep in a different pantry on a bottom shelf. Dishes don't pile up because I only use my everyday dishes as grabbing from the inconveniently located party pantry would be a hassle.

6. I am incredibly vain about my house. I love it when people tell me how nice my apartment is, how crazy organized my closets are and how no matter what, people can pop into my house any time and it is always guest ready. I love being able to invite people over at the drop of a hat. My vanity motivates me to clean as I go. I do a deep clean monthly that includes shampooing carpets, blinds, etc.

7. I have the right tools to clean. Mop, broom, scrub brush, dusters, etc. When you have the right tool for the job, cleaning up is a breeze.

I find it ridiculous how people rationalize their lack of tidiness by writing that they just love their family and friends more than spending time cleaning their home. I love my family and friends which is why I want my home to be clean and inviting so that I can spend more time with them in the comfort of my home rather than just when it is affordable to go out because my place is a sty.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/5/14 11:12 PM


Try This: A Throw Layered Under the Chair Cushion
3/31/14 07:26 PM

I should add that I live in Las Vegas and it is de rigeur for everyone to have zero counter space because of the amount of liqour bottles that one owns. (I'm in my 20's) and regardless of age, I am the only person I know that doesn't display my stash out in the open.

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/13/14 03:03 PM

I am a rare-to-never drinker yet I have a full bar because I like to entertain. I live in a small apartment, but my largest base cabinet houses my liqour collection, beer, mixers - the gamut. I have another cabinet for all of my barware. I like everything to be tucked away and it isn't a hassle to clean. I can't imagine cleaning cooking grease off of my collection - that would be daunting.

I feel people like to put it on display as a way to boast - but it just looks messy to me.

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/13/14 02:57 PM

I make it a point to keep my apt spotless so that I never have to do a massive clean. I make sure dishes are in the dishwasher, kitchen towels are changed, bathroom is clean and the floors are vacuumed if people are coming over and I have advance warning. I also wipe my stove top down, just to make sure it's fingerprint free.

8 Quick Tricks to Make Your Place Look Clean and Inviting
12/21/13 03:51 PM

I've made biscotti plenty of times because I've worked in bakeries before. I would loosely wrap it in parchment or only leave a sheet of parchment on top with the biscotti in the Tupperware container without a lid for the first 24 hours.

12 Pro Tips for Making Better Cookies from Jen Musty at Batter Bakery Maker Tour
12/17/13 08:44 PM