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1. Broom/vacuum

2. Washable microfiber duster/sweeper thing

3. Steam mop

You can get reusable and washable things that work just as well or better than those product. The steam mop is amazing. Ah-mazing

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
3/27/14 11:26 PM

I think that the main problem is that it simply feels unfinished. If it had an end molding piece, I would say a colorful framed piece of art on the pantry wall, but since that would still leave the end of the backsplash floating, I would put two to three bracket-less shelves on the wall starting right about the backsplash. You can style them with pops of color.

I think grey would be A LOT of grey in one room. And painting it doesn't solve the feeling of abruptness that I am getting from the backsplash... It will just end abruptly with different contrast. (I would also paint the door/trim either white or black)

Paint Color Suggestions for My Kitchen? Good Questions
1/30/14 09:04 AM