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Great article, thanks for this! I'm 29 and this past year (with the help of AT) I've finally been learning how to slow down and choose things for my house that have lasting power. These tips are so helpful!

8 Tips For Creating Living Spaces You'll Love For a Long Time
3/23/14 10:59 AM

I've always cared a little, but it wasn't until this year (I recently turned 29) that I really started to be more thoughtful about it (and discovering Apartment Therapy was a huge motivation!) I've always gone thrifting to find stuff for my house and I would just grab anything I thought was cute and the result was way too much STUFF + way too much KITSCH! In the last year I've purged a ton of stuff and now walk into a thrift store with the idea that I might find one perfect thing or nothing at all for my house...I no longer settle for things that aren't exactly what I'm looking for. I don't have a lot of money, so I know it'll take a while to get my house the way I want it, but "the hunt" is so fun that I don't mind.

When Did You Start Caring About Decor?
1/24/14 10:38 AM

I saw this kind of flooring at the Frist in Nashville a few months ago and I LOVED it. Glad to know it's DIY-able!

Renovation Inspiration: Cartolina's DIY End-Grain Block Flooring
1/10/14 08:11 PM

My plan is to deeply purge my catch-all hall closet and find a good solution for organizing important documents, old letters, etc. I'd rather do a more fun project like buying a desk and chair for my husband's writing area, but I feel like I need to tackle the necessary stuff first (that also happens to cost zero dollars!)

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/8/14 07:32 PM

About to tackle second half of my floors and baseboards!! It's a lot of work, but my house already feels brighter. Truly DO NOT feel like doing it, but it's great knowing others are at it as well. I wasn't able to pick up flowers Friday or yesterday, so I'm hoping to get some today as a reward for finishing the floors.

It's Not Too Late! Join Us & Get Organized in 2014: The January Cure
1/5/14 10:47 AM