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Yay for the 70s' style. I still live in a 70s house with furnishings bought in those years. The furniture has held up well.

Style Time Capsule: Decorating Advice from 1975
6/13/14 08:57 PM

Having a storage unit is great for any small home/apartment. We have a 2-car garage in which we park 2 cars b/c I keep lots of offseason things in our offsite storage unit.

Laura's 20 Year Home Small Cool Contest
6/5/14 11:28 AM

yay for that kitchen. So simple.

What Did the Ideal Home Look Like 70 Years Ago? Design News
5/3/14 09:35 PM

The after looks like an old place, ready to fall apart, that someone is trying very hard to make livable with castoffs and thrift store finds.

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/3/14 10:34 AM

You got a dishwasher in the remodel. That's the best part.

Before & After: From the 1960s to Today!
3/29/14 07:07 PM

Be sure to save really good toys do your grandchildren can play with them. My grandaughter loves to play with her mother's 30 year old Barbies and assorted furniture.

Could You Go A Year Without Spending Money On Your Kids?
2/18/14 11:21 AM

Finally! A real home where real people live and work.

John & Laurel's Handcrafted Homestead House Tour
1/14/14 01:01 PM

A great looking tiny kitchen. Glad to see it has a dishwasher.

Kim's Cure: Kitchen Cleanup, Fresh Flowers & Dinner Liveblogging the January Cure
1/11/14 05:40 PM

I loved the before kitchen.

Before & After: Kim's Bright and White Kitchen Update
1/4/14 12:17 PM