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I too am soy and dairy sensitive and I second the recommendation for oatmeal with almond milk. And as another alternative, these vegan banana scones are phenomenal:

Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Breakfast Ideas for a Breastfeeding Mom? Good Questions
5/2/14 02:51 PM

Why not put the bedroom in the bottom right corner? I can't tell if that is a second exit at the bottom or a closet but I think it could work either way, even if a second exit in the bedroom is a little unconventional. In the first image you could put in a wall to make a galley kitchen and build out the area under the stairs for the bed. It might be cozy but could deal with the plumbing issue while still keeping the actual living area bright and open. I would personally prefer a darker bedroom and an open living space.

Where Would You Put the Bedroom? Good Questions
1/17/14 03:19 PM

Take it or leave it, but I think cornflower blue would look lovely with your color scheme.

What Color/Fabric for Vintage Chairs? Good Questions
1/9/14 10:49 AM