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Do you have a landline in the bedroom? Keeping my phone in my room is also a question of safety.

Banishing My Phone from The Bedside: The Results, One Month Later
4/17/14 07:43 PM

After 3 years of split closet living for me, I dumped 2/3s of my waredrob, streamlined my "uniform" and kept 40 pieces that really work for me. Now I fit in one closet and one dresser easily. It was truly freeing.

How To Deal When Your Closet Isn't in Your Room (or Maybe Isn't Even a Closet)
4/3/14 01:58 PM

But by trimming aren't you cutting off the weights?

Clean Shower Tip: Do You Trim Your Curtain Liner?
3/24/14 11:57 AM

I had Van Gogh's "fishing in the spring" in my room for years, I asked about it and one of my parents jokingly remarked that a Dutch friend of theirs painted it. I believed them. I about fell over years later when I saw the original in Chicago.

What Art Do You Remember from Your Childhood Bedroom?
3/21/14 12:14 PM

My 'hood got a C, which is a gross misinterpretation of the entire zip code, not the lovely corner we reside in. I agree with other commenters that it's not great so far.

New Website Grades Your Neighborhood Design News
3/19/14 10:04 AM

My daughter is 19months old, we've used cloth diapers the entirety, she eats what we eat (no baby foods, necessary). We HAVE been gifted enough toys and clothes, thanks to generous grandparents, who even pay for our one activity- music classes.
That said, we still use our annual zoo pass, children's museum membership and botanical garden membership- all that cost AND benefit her exposure and learning. She has much fewer clothes and toys than other kids we know. In our community (as opposed to cities like DC or NYC) we don't have many free activities, although we do utilize the programs that are available- library story times, etc.

Could You Go A Year Without Spending Money On Your Kids?
2/18/14 11:02 AM

Paint color of the bedroom shown? Please!

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2/13/14 12:02 PM

Maybe 3 days, pre-baby I could have gone longer. We cloth diaper, so we never have to run out for any. We could probably do a week of food without having to restock.
Luckily we live in sunny Tucson, so the snow isn't a concern!

How Long Could You Go Without Leaving The House?
1/18/14 05:18 PM

I live in Tucson and our dryer broke 14 months ago. I solely line-dry. Jeans, towels, cloth diapers, sheets- everything gets line dried. Our clothes last longer and the sun is a natural bleaching agent, so fewer stains on clothes!

Good Reasons to Air Dry Laundry in Winter
(and 5 Racks You'll Love)

1/7/14 09:58 AM


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Gorgeous! I NEED a navy couch!

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12/19/13 12:11 AM

Gorgeous chair!

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Womb Chair from AllModern.com
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12/16/13 12:54 PM