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The chair...looks so very much like a furniture set I have so I am curious as to how you got your chair.

Before & After: A Grimy Garage Shelf Turns Into a Storage Showpiece
6/13/14 01:56 PM

Oh, the mobile! Calder, birds, adorable cat and a gorgeous red palette. Nice.

Kathie's Bohemian Live/Work Space House Tour
5/6/14 04:18 PM

Love those logic puzzle books as well!
Coffee with sugar & real 1/2&1/2 is my daily indulgence. Good cup in the morning and another as a post-lunch dessert.
The one indulgence I can't do without is seeing animals in nature. Whether it is the small birds twittering outside my bedroom windows each morning or catching a hawk soaring across the sky, I have to fill my sight with things other than humans and the trappings of modern life.

A Happier, Heathier New Year's Resolution: Treat Yourself to Small Indulgences to Brighten Your Day
1/7/14 02:44 PM

Beautiful home! Very calming.
Love the cats, the Bariani Olive Oil in the kitchen and the owl christmas tree topper.

Natalie & Seth's Organic Modern Home House Tour
1/7/14 02:35 PM