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I chose a robin's egg blue paint as an accent wall and hated it from the moment I finished painting until I covered it with a blue Toile wall paper.... which I hated until I tore it off and painted the wall again. It turned out that as much as I like to wear blue, I don't like it on my walls. Conversely, I like yellow walls - but hate to wear that color.

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3/13/14 10:58 AM

I have been looking unsuccessfully for swing arm wall lamps with usb ports (for bedside use) and wondering why usb ports in lamps aren't more common.

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I agree with all the points, but look at the picture. The salad servers shown with the salad require putting the plate down in order to use two hands. Bad! Use regular tongs or the scissor type so that people can hold their plate in one hand and place salad on it with the other. Here is an example of what I'm talking about http://thumbs4.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mBSJCpgaEdVMB5QxbnhXG9w.jpg

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12/13/13 07:20 PM