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Just In: West Elm's New Fall Collection (including a Mini Smeg Fridge!) Design News
7/9/14 08:50 PM

Not unlike ikea. Ant that's IF if available online which s rarely the case. Also why I refuse to purchase from either.

Just In: West Elm's New Fall Collection (including a Mini Smeg Fridge!) Design News
7/9/14 08:49 PM

"I have never been a "sky is falling" sort of person."

Ha, I am so stealin' that line!

But you're right, this is silly and a recipe for disaster for the wee, wee ones who are prone to putting things in their mouths. The color coding worked great with the g-kids except.....by the time they came along we had a water & ice dispenser on the fridge door. Try using that with tumblers small enough for tiny hands. Let's just say they ended up soaked & I ended up mopping.

Thus, I reverted to the jelly jars of my - and my kids' - childhood. (above post). I switched back to the color coded tumblers when the youngest was able to manage the water dispenser without making a mess. It worked splendidly for a time but the funniest thing happened....all three g-kids complained....they wanted their jelly jars back. And yup, they got 'em. Cuz, you know, that's what grammys do ;)

Clever Hack: Magnet Fridge Cups for Kids
7/9/14 07:20 PM

Lots of good suggestions here. Personally, I'd do a combination of a bit of all of the above. Restore-a-Finish in the legs, polish the brass & call 'er done. THEN I'd use the slipcover suggestion in some fun fabric and add the fringe you desire on the slipcover.

Two...two....two chairs in one. And ditto what B4B said, the answer is never painted vinyl. Have fun & be sure to post 'after' pics.

How Should I Make Over This Odd Little Chair? Good Questions
7/9/14 04:58 PM

I've never understood this either where sheetrock is concerned. It's The easiest fix to just fill them. Also a heck of a lot cheaper than all the command products.

Ideas for Hanging Artwork Without Leaving Holes in the Wall Renters Solutions
7/9/14 03:44 PM

Haha. Got my daughter to eat green beans by telling her they were grasshoppers.

My favorite way to prepare okra is ALL of them.

Cooking Okra Without the Slime Tips from The Kitchn
7/9/14 01:42 PM

Cute. When I was a kid we each had a color coded jelly jar with screw on lid inside the fridge door at kid height.

Clever Hack: Magnet Fridge Cups for Kids
7/9/14 09:39 AM

Echoing all of the above. Beyond charming. Now, about this, " here's hoping that rubs off on them and saves me some bickering with teenagers in the future". God's blessings to you in that endeavor. Hey, miracles do happen.

I'd seriously be camping out there one fine summer's eve and lettin' the kids serve me breakfast in bed on their fine china the following morning. Enjoy them while you can. Time passes too, too quickly.

Before & After: Backyard Shed to \"Small Piece of Heaven\" Playhouse
7/8/14 08:00 PM

This is absolutely the best comment of the day. I literally stood up and cheered the first time I read it. Definitely worthy of another round of applause.

One Inspiring Reason For Owning a Home Comment of the Day
7/8/14 07:44 PM

applauding here

These Vancouver Benches Fold Out into Homeless Shelters Design News
7/8/14 07:29 PM

@ Beltway Barbarian
@ Telynau

Hear, hear. On my feet applauding the both of you. Home ownership is certainly an investment but it's never been about real estate in my mind. I see it as an investment in family values and good stewardship of what I have received. Kids, grandkids, aging parents are the benefactors of what was instilled in me. I'm just thankful to be able to pass it along.

Is Home Ownership Still Part of The American Dream?
7/8/14 04:38 PM

I use muffin tins.

Smart Tip: Organize Your Junk Drawer With an Ice Cube Tray Get Organized
7/8/14 12:16 PM

Ditto all of the above.

What Can I Do with Garlic Scapes? Good Questions
7/7/14 08:16 PM

I hear ya, neighbor. Back in the day, it was Meadows-Porter here.

Back to the topic: A bit late in the season for this advice here. That said, the best way to pick a perfect peach is to [literally] pick your own....straight from the tree. I've spent many a summer morning over the years at the peach farm picking perfect peaches with Dad. Sweet childhood memories.

Sweet peaches as well. The Elberta will forever be my favorite....sweet, juicy and perfect for canning, freezing or eating straight off the tree, warm from the sun. Nothing on this earth can compare to fresh peach ice cream.

The Best Way to Pick a Perfect Peach Ingredient Intelligence
7/7/14 08:10 PM

Compassionate indeed. Unfortunately, it would take an act of congress here to have the 'No Loitering' signs removed first :(

These Vancouver Benches Fold Out into Homeless Shelters Design News
7/7/14 07:31 PM

I thought this was common knowledge. I buy tortilla and potato chips when they are on sale and toss them in the freezer until needed. As did my mom and grandmother before me.

No real defrosting needed. It only takes a few minutes for them to reach room temperature.

Did You Know You Can Freeze Tortilla Chips? Reader Tip
7/7/14 10:37 AM

Dontcha hate when that happens? Just means there's something even better out there waiting for you to discover it;)

How to Find the Best Decor Deals in Your City Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/6/14 10:06 PM

Highly functional kitchen. Love the countertops and backsplash.

Tomatoes in the fridge is a rookie mistake.

Where I Cook: Jesa's Incredibly Well-Organized Kitchen Kitchen Tour
7/6/14 09:25 PM

IF (and only if) all else fails...


Recipe: Spicy Korean Grilled Chicken Grill Recipes from The Kitchn
7/6/14 08:45 PM

Whoaa! I love my steaming hot cuppa joe every morning but I hate iced coffee and milk as well. *Must* find a way to make these work.

Summer Treat: Dark Chocolate Ice Cubes for Cold Drinks Delicious Links
7/6/14 06:57 PM