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gorgeous place. stealing the jewelry display ideas now.

also, think I've found the right home for some of my extra vintage....thanks AT!

Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort House Tour
1/12/14 10:42 PM

The Houzz link reminded me the other perfect color with blue - orange!

So sophisticated!

The only thing we all agree on is that you have great taste in sofas and living rooms :)

Paint Ideas for Room with Navy Sofa? Good Questions
11/19/13 05:40 PM

I can only imagine she means "deconstructed" not decomposed.....

Kim Kushner's Thanksgivukkah Menu: And Her Recipe for Turkey with Pumpkin, Figs & Honey Thanksgivukkah Ideas From the Experts
11/19/13 03:36 PM

depends on how you want to feel and the mood you are going for. my first thought was hot pink, which I then saw in your painting! Don't be afraid of paint - hot pink can be very refined, and a navy entryway would be stunning and reference the sofa.

we have a navy room with a hot pink sofa - it's surprisingly refined and everyone loves that room! (our back hallway is hot pink too!)

Paint Ideas for Room with Navy Sofa? Good Questions
11/19/13 09:56 AM

most authentic and lovely house tour story ever on AT

Mark's Zero Carbon Eco House House Tour
11/6/13 09:17 PM

used to do 100% of our shopping there.

Recently returned $30 worth of chicken (chicken breast strips and whole chicken) that were dodgy before date. That's the third time. Produce regularly rots within a day or two, milk spoils early.

Only will go now for snacks, frozen specialty foods and holiday chocolate.

Tried to deal with their flaws for three years. I'm going back to WF and King's.

What Are Your Best Tips for Shopping at Trader Joe's? Good Questions
11/1/13 02:25 PM

Chocolate vidalia was tasty. Love lavender and lavender honey (so different from each other) and plain honey. Bloody mary. Lots of corn - that was a trend two years ago, with straw.

Anything from salt and straw in Portland(ia). :)

What's The Strangest Ice Cream You've Ever Eaten?
10/29/13 07:19 PM

house is great - photography nicht ser gut.

the photo of the kitchen made me feel sea sick! these people let you into their home, fuzzy detail and crooked room shots were not on the agenda. come on, AT, this has been an issue for years!

the home: lovely and well edited. the rooms were clean and bright and well detailed. There were items deserving of the detail photo, for once. Thought the bedroom mantel's blue and white pottery made me nervous as it didn't fit on the mantel.

Gorgeous and well done, whether you bought early or just made the top dollars to afford it - good for you!

(Haters do well to remember lavish clothing prices line a smart entrepreneur's pocket. Don't hate, emulate or get over it.)

Deirdre's Classically Elegant Brooklyn Brownstone House Tour
10/28/13 08:23 AM

80s bathroom is like a style mashup - some pink, some too much stuff in the space and just a lotta 80s.

but that second one - oooof. why would anyone do that? and is that a cake pan on the ceiling?

Everything Old is New Again:
Jungle Bathroom

10/16/13 12:50 PM

makes me miss my dad (he also rocked the suspender look).

sweet and kind, with a bittersweet ending....

How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike Apartment Therapy Videos
9/26/13 06:23 PM

"Leftovers can make people feel like leftovers, not loved."

thank you jlj5.

Thank you Ralph, what a huge heart!

Giving a \"Best Thing\": What Kids Can Teach Us About Generosity
9/24/13 09:26 PM

great kitchen

great kitchen chair (right)

great smile

lovely place!

Noah Marion's Warm, Rich Home House Tour
9/12/13 08:27 PM

can vouch for 13 years plus of those pier 1 glasses! sturdy but with dimple at bottom (hand blown and thick). they've weathered several styles in that time and still classic.

C+B working glass with lids also highly highly recommended!

The Best Basics: Good, Cheap Drinking Glasses
8/14/13 09:11 PM

would have been helpful to say from the floor.....

How To Hang Art Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
8/10/13 06:59 PM

what gjahll said!

Where to Hang Curtains with Crown Molding? Good Questions
7/29/13 05:46 PM

lifelong heavy packer converted after too much schlepping (I always hated that part!)

Pick a theme (black, navy, grey) color and two coordinating colors. Plenty of underwear.


Pros & Cons of Packing Light
7/29/13 01:21 PM

photo the bottom, get it away from the litterbox and find a non-stripe to recover it in.

Info on Style/Maker of Inherited Sofa? Good Questions
7/29/13 01:16 PM

Shoes on the bed?


Before: Bonnie's Bedroom Needs a Bold Makeover Glidden® Paint's Boldest Before and Afters
7/22/13 02:37 PM

Am I the only one noticing the re-treads of old posts (this was completed in 2005 - although reposted on to that blog late 2012).

Is AT being sold or just being gutted/in dire straits?

Also, NRobert, you aren't alone in that thought! (Imagine a band today having a different name in Europe - Yaz (US) and Yazoo (Europe).....)

Before & After: Erik's Empty Attic to Marvelous Master Bedroom Suite
2/11/13 12:47 PM

Also photo 2 makes me cringe - the glass door opens toward a row of metal hooks. No door stopper. The mismatched metals are also annoying.

It's Catching On! Landing Strips Beyond Apartment Therapy Houzz
1/23/13 01:50 PM