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There is not a single thing or detail here I don't just adore. Lovely.


Renee's Elegance on a Budget House Call
4/14/14 04:59 PM

Great post, the touches of pink add some spice and glamour but in a nice subtle way. Rather like Pamela Churchill always used pink light bulbs to make rooms warmer and her guests feel and look much better!

Good choices and ideas.


From Blush to Bold: Rooms with Pink Furniture
4/11/14 01:41 PM

What a lovely change. Builder do often completely scrape a lot to the rock and leave messes behind. We have whole communities of new houses that are huge but the lawns and yard are bare and only have spindly trees (if any) and struggling grass. In the summer, it gets very hot and the houses look terrible.

I think this is wonderful and the idea of classes so people can learn how to do this is a great idea.


Before & After: A Lush Front Entry The Gardenist
4/7/14 08:47 AM

This home truly lives and breathes the spirit of the two people that live here! And that is terrific.

Playpretty (Love love the old sewing machines to pieces!)

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/5/14 06:58 PM

Lovely use of space and re-purposed materials. Funny, I would have called that porch a sun-room, since it has windows and walls.

The floor does add a nice patina to it all all. When they are ready to paint, a good shade of blue-grey would be really nice but that's just my thoughts.

Porches are something that add so much to a home and the street too. We need more porches!


A Charming Covered Porch on a Budget Professional Project
4/5/14 06:47 PM

Perfect pink balanced with the white: Playful, sweet, and sassy.


Lucy's Impossibly Pink Nursery My Room
3/28/14 04:48 PM

Oh my! I'm all alone with my credit cards and this store opens!? My great-grandfather made sure we all knew our family's Scottish roots and origins and my sister-in-law's family immigrated to Canada from Dundee and still has family there so this is going to be a big hit in our family. (Our family's recipe for Marmalade Cake hailed from Dundee. It is still a much loved desert.)

If only one day, to go there in person.


Dundee Contemporary Arts ShopStore Profile
3/27/14 10:43 AM

Ohhhh, soooo lovely. Love the wood furniture with their subtle glowing patina-shine! And the art, the serene feeling, so peaceful and calming. Hunt Country Style indeed, ala Georgetown Townhouse!


Eileen's Elegant & Airy Townhouse House Tour
3/26/14 12:33 PM

We're lucky that we have a big back yard and a huge porch so I simply do the very same sort of thing only outside in an old tin tub and it is super easy to rinse the racks on the newspaper covered floor of the back porch. Of course, the people next door think it's rather amusing.

If the bathtub is made of good solid material (fiberglass not so much) I think a good pre-scrubbing and thorough rising should be okay. Whilst living at Married Student Housing at UT-Austin, many of us students-wives did this when we moved out to please the fussy University Housing people. Took some scrubbing but all went okay. And of course, the use of natural cleaners is a must. Still, at times, desperate jobs call for radical measures.


How To Clean Oven Racks In the Bathtub Cleaning Lessons From The Kitchn
3/25/14 01:37 PM

It's particularly wonderful to see such a mix of family heirlooms and bespoke objects with so much history and feeling in them. Totally agree about acquiring things that age well and look better the more one uses them!

This home shows so much feeling, style and what some would simply call soul!

The General Lee is a nice touch!

Congratulations on the first anniversary.


James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 01:31 PM

Our Farmer's Market is held on the courthouse lawn and is a really lovely and community oriented experience. Families, old people, every sort of of person attends...and both my husand and I love going together, chatting, talking, now several of the farmer's know us very well, save the best eggs, meat, produce, flowers, candy, cheese and other things for us. If I go without my husband, they ask about him and vice versa. We have really good times, together and apart but we love going together, even to the point of getting up at six-thirty a.m. to get the very best vegetables and fruit. We have breakfast there, we shop, listen to music and look at art and talk to everyone and it's just one of the best things about leaving the "big city" ever. And oh, the quality of the food, we can't even hardly stand eggs from the store at all anymore and as for the strawberries in early summer here, nothing even at Whole Food's come close.

It is just a nice thing to do together as a couple if you have many of the same interests and a way to spend time together that is relaxed and easeful.


5 Reasons Why Your Partner Doesn't Actually Want to Go to the Farmers Market With You
3/21/14 02:03 PM

This make mes think of Julia Child's autobiography and the snaps of her apartment and the descriptions of cooking and heating water! Now, there are no excuses to not cook right there, I thought! Ages ago, a friend returning from Paris told me he believed that the two most expensive things in the 21st century will be space and water.

Very clever and hard-working tips here.

Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else
3/21/14 12:54 PM

Slipcovers, with spring here, can change the whole feeling and texture of the room along with the rugs. Plants, a good sized ficus or simply simple arrangements of fresh flowers in jars or cute and artsy containers, scattered here and there.

Inexpensive drapey curtain, perhaps? White burlap or silky generous drapes with an attractive curtain rod.

Colour alone adds so much, a swath of new inexpensive pillows with a spring-summer linen-look slipcover atop some great rugs will liven the whole living room up.

Good luck!

Help Spicing Up Dull Rental Living Room? Good Questions
3/21/14 08:39 AM

What a lovely choice! The illustrations are gorgeous yet gentle and subtle, a wonderful addition to the story. In themselves, the illustrations alone could be the/a story.

All young children (mostly) are fascinated by birds and robins capture their attention easily being the herald of spring. Now, I know of at least four little ones in our family that will be receiving this book!

Thank you for such a lovely review.

Nest by Jorey Hurley Children's Book Review
3/18/14 08:49 AM

We have plenty of our own home-grown potatoes, carrots and some celery left and our early garden is beginning to show great promise and these suggestions are excellent for this between season. Some of our local farms are even offering eggs now which are so much better than any in the stores and make for wonderful easy suppers.

It's so great to see more people returning to good simple foods and locally grown food.

Excellent article and very useful. (Our butcher will sell good scraps from locally grown and butchered pork for a nominal fee, it's a big part of my so-called secret recipe for pastry...home rendered lard.)

Jenny McGruther's 5 Essentials for a Warm and Nourishing Winter Kitchen Expert Essentials
3/13/14 03:47 PM

This will be a wonderful gift to all expatriate Texans and there are many of those and all the people that are native to Austin too. My husband and I remember the Moon Towers and the Treaty Oak so well and all the various displaced Austinites in the family will love this.


The Official SXSW 2014 Interactive Cookbook New Cookbook
3/13/14 03:41 PM

Beautiful, gracious, cheerful and welcoming.


Robin and Jeff's Light-Filled Home in Georgetown House Tour
3/12/14 03:43 PM

All rooms work very nicely and the bedding is very soothing and appealing. Peaceful, restful, serene.

What all bedrooms should be!

Why They Work: 5 Peacefully Designed Bedrooms Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/12/14 01:34 PM

This is tough for I believe doing what make one happy but...I loved the first one totally. The "improvements" are too busy, cluttered, jangling and, a bit irritating.

Sometimes, one should "stop improving" and often I wonder what keeps people constantly running from one project to the other in their houses and homes.

However, that it just me.


Before & After: It's All About the Details in this Kitchen Makeover
3/11/14 11:08 AM

Artful, cheerful, hospitable and so very Richmond. (Love Richmond, love the whole state.)

The blue porch chairs touched my heart, hints of porches of my childhood and I could so "borrow" that look for our porch!

Good job, good feelings, good home!

Dan and Elizabeth's Americana Inspired Home House Tour
3/9/14 07:54 PM