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Before & After: A Seriously Stylish Kitchen Renovation on a Budget One Kings Lane
4/11/14 04:25 PM


Before & After: Lisa & Brian's Brooklyn Kitchen Transformation Sweeten
4/10/14 02:20 PM

A weird mix of wonderful and awful. Beautiful light, nice kitchen, love the low window in the hallway, the office space. That blue in the bedroom is a nightmare. Ditto for the stacked coffee tables in the living room.

Karen & Deborah's Cherrywood Renovation House Tour
4/7/14 12:40 PM

I like the mixed fabric but the distressed legs don't work. Paint the base and legs black.

Before & After: A Classic Chair Gets a Dose of La Dolce Vita
4/2/14 12:30 PM

Serene, eclectic. One of the most interesting, beautifully designed homes shown on this site. I don't understand the negative comments.

Pomona's Boutique-Style Space House Tour
3/28/14 06:20 PM

My mother has lived in a government subsidized apartment for seniors for nearly 20 years and loves it--no stairs to climb to the apartment and no stairs inside the apartment. She's almost 90 now, and while she can still get around, walking is getting harder. We're about to relocate, and just bought a house with most of the rooms on one level; there's an upstairs for my office and guestroom. One thing we insisted on was a workable space for my mother. It took a while, but we found it. There are few stairs to get inside and her bedroom has a door that she can close and a bathroom two steps away. She may not live with us full-time; she prefers her independence, but while she's with us, and later if she can't live alone, it will work. It's a house to get old in--in a good way. Thanks for the post!

Moving Downstairs: Thinking About Design as We Get Older With 10 Links To Start The Conversation
3/17/14 01:41 PM

Love it. Bright patterned curtains that could be pushed back would really make the place sing.

Kitchen Before & After: A Bland, Bare Brooklyn Kitchen Gets Some Personality Reader Kitchen Remodel
2/26/14 10:30 AM

That quilt is fabulous. Cudos to mom.

Before & After: 3 Easy & Inexpensive Ideas for Making Any Room Look Larger
2/25/14 01:04 PM

An elegant transformation. Nice job.

Before & After: A Vintage Dresser Gets Light and Bright
2/10/14 10:56 AM

You've chosen two dark, heavy colors that don't pair well. To lighten things up, I'd try one of those long, tubular pillows in a bright color like acid green and place it behind the other pillows. That would give a jolt of excitement. Hanging the navy curtains will turn the room into a tomb. Something light with a bright border could work. Even your accessories are dark. A red vase. A bright yellow bowl...

Third Color To Lighten Up Brown & Navy Room? Good Questions
2/4/14 09:00 AM

Check out the Ikea website. They have two rugs-- one has shades of green, gray and cream that would work, and another with large connecting red dogs (also comes in green)-- that would look great.

Rug to Work with Floral IKEA Curtains? Good Questions
1/13/14 08:45 AM

Would slate-like tiles work? They'd pick up all the brown and gray shades and look elegant. We used tiles like that in a former bathroom remodel and they really looked great.

Bathroom Flooring to Complement Subway Tile? Good Questions
12/17/13 09:40 AM

Check out hwickless' suggestion to take a look at Emily Henderson's blog post (see above). She has exactly the taupey-gray color I was thinking of; Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52.

Will Gray Walls Work with Wooden Trim? Good Questions
12/12/13 11:45 PM

I'd stay away from silver or blue-toned grays that might fight with warmer wood shades. A light gray with a taupe-ish undertone would be gorgeous.

Will Gray Walls Work with Wooden Trim? Good Questions
12/12/13 12:23 PM