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It's not against fire code or illegal to use closet for bed...I'm sure she is not trying to put a cot in closet and shut the door. here is link to a fab closet bed design...there are many more on Pintrest or Google it and thousands of design ideas come up. this one is the best closet bed

Where Can I Find a Bed that is Shorter than 6 Feet? Good Questions
12/12/13 01:04 AM

You can take the doors off, take the hooks and dark wood around the inside of closet off, paint inside closet and dark wood trim around outside. IKEA has platform bed frames, or custom cut plywood on cinder blocks or 2x4's, mount headboard to inside closet wall or make custom headboard from plywood cut at your local hardware store, decor crown molding displaying your sexy shoes on inside closet walls above bed, for a mattress you can cut foam or use a sleeper sofa mattress, camper mattress. For some design style hang a decor curtain rod high above outside closet with pretty curtains that you can pull back with ties or accent decor. You can pull the curtains down at night and day display pretty pillows. Use art or different size picture frames, small flowing shelves displaying your fav items inside closet walls. Lighting you can use drop pendent lights, small chandelier IKEA has great options. Hope this was helpful and good luck

Where Can I Find a Bed that is Shorter than 6 Feet? Good Questions
12/12/13 12:53 AM